Antler It is a pre-Roman voice that could come from the Basque word mokoti (translatable as “pointed”), in turn derived from moko (that is to say, “tip”). A mogote is called a elevation that resembles a mountain.

AntlerThe concept can be used to refer to a mound that is isolated and that has the appearance of cone. It also allows to allude to a stone accumulation.

The mogotes, therefore, tend to be isolated prominences. These elevations are common in islands of the Caribbean, arising in areas that register tropical rains such as Cuba and Dominican Republic.

In general, the mogotes have a height lower than the 25 meters, with a very varied diameter. They are elongated, in the manner of towers or, as we already said lines above, cones.

In the field of mountaineering and from hiking, is called mogotes at stone accumulations that are used for marking the trails. These mogotes guide hikers.

El Mogote, on the other hand, is a village which is located in the province of San Juan (Argentinian republic). Be part of the department Chimbas and has about 1,500 inhabitants.

Also in Argentina is found Punta Mogotes. This is what a Geographic accident which is located in the coastal area of ​​the town from Mar del Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Punta Mogotes It is both the name of the geographical feature and of the spa complex and the neighborhood that develop in it. The Beaches of this place, enjoyed by thousands of people in each summer season, are very popular.