The aeromodelling it’s a hobby based on the model airplane construction: small planes capable of flying without a pilot or crew. The concept also refers to the display and to the competencies of this type of aircraft.

AeromodellingTypically, model aircraft are built scale of planes conventional. It is generally intended to obtain a miniature replica, although there are also models that are used as a test aircraft that are intended to be manufactured and there are even units created especially for the field of model aircraft.

It is important to mention that in the model airplane diverse knowledge and techniques. There is a scientific aspect linked to mechanics, the electronics and the aerodynamics which is essential for the development of the activity. But the sports skills (in competitions) and there is an obvious playful component (Taking model aircraft as a hobby).

An experienced aircraft modeller is in a position to design, build and fly Models own. Many times model aircraft are taken as a starting point to start a career in the aeronautical industry.

It should be noted that the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) considers model airplanes as a branch of sports aviation since 1936. The organization, within this framework, developed a sports code international scope that governs exercise.

The FAI recognize different categories that establish the specialties of model aircraft. They all start with the letter F, What F1 (Free flight), F3 (Radio control) and F9U (Drones), among other. Air modellers, depending on the characteristics of their models, compete in one division or another.