Minority is the minor part of the people that form a Body, a nation or one community. Those who make up the minority, therefore, are numerically less than the group of individuals who form the majority (the majority group).

MinorityFor example: “I think that people who do not buy polluting cars are a minority”, “We cannot stop working because a minority is bothered by what we do”, “The people who repudiated the visit of the writer constitute a minority”.

At the international level, we would have to establish that when speaking of minorities, we are referring to groups of people who differ from the rest, from the majority, because they have a series of different characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion , the sexual condition or even the language they have. When we speak of ethnic minorities, we could use the Roma as an example.

In the same way, there are religious minorities such as the one made up of the Jizadis. They are Kurdish and pre-Islamic, live in northern Iraq and have become the target of heartless acts by certain jihadist groups.

Currently, more and more work is being done to respect and guarantee the rights of minorities. For this reason, we find important laws and regulations in this regard, such as the European Charter for Minority Languages ​​or the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Persons belonging to national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.

In general, the subjects that make up the minority group of a community are easily identifiable since they differ, by some characteristic, from the majority of the members of said community. society. If in a town of 1,000 people there 600 people with black hair, 280 of Brown hair, 100 people with blond hair and twenty redheads, red-haired individuals will be the minority and will stand out from the rest because of their differences.

At the political or electoral level, the minority is the set of votes that are contrary to the opinion of the majority. It is also about the fraction of a deliberative body that is smaller than the majority part. In a Chamber of Deputies composed of eighty deputies of the Blue Party, sixty deputies of the Yellow Party and twelve deputies of the White Party, the members of this last block will be the minority.

It is important that the Condition guarantee, in every sense, respect for Rights of the minority. If there are no legal mechanisms in this regard, the majority may impose their numerical strength and undermine the rights of the minority group.

In addition to all the above, we would have to state that minority is a term that is used within the legal sphere. Specifically, we speak of a minority to refer to the fact that a person in question is a minor, that is, they do not have the age established in the relevant legislation as the age of majority, which brings with it another series of rights and duties .

In Spain, for example, every boy or girl who is not 18 years old is considered to be within the minority group.