MimeThe Greek word mimikós derived in Latin mimĭcus, which reached our idiom What mime. As a noun, the term refers to the act of express or represent actions, emotions, feelings and ideas through body movement and gestures.

The term, like its masculine version (mimic), can be used to qualify what is linked to the mime and to mime. At this point it is important to clarify that a mime is a actor who interprets his scenes with body movements and gestures, without speaking.

Mimicry works like a expression mechanism who resorts to language gestural Y bodily, regardless of verbal language. It is generally used in performing arts for the dramatization of a speech.

Mimes use mimicry like artistic or theatrical manifestation. Leaving aside speech, they are based on the expressiveness of the face and Body to tell a story or hint something.

Mimicry as an artistic tool is believed to have arisen in the Ancient Greece. In the Middle Ages pampering was part of traveling theaters and they showed off in the call art comedy.

Closer in the weather, at the time of Silent movie, mimicry was a very important resource. Charles Chaplin, Buster keaton Y Harpo MarxThey, among others, shone with their skills.

Today, mimicry can also be highly beneficial for performance, both in theater as in television or cinema, beyond the fact that in these last two areas there has been audio recording and music superposition for several decades. The absence of sound is not necessary for the actors to make an effort to express their interpretations through physical movements, but both aspects should complement each other.

MimeTo deliver a credible and memorable performance, the person must go through a character preparation process in which they get to know the character thoroughly and recreate it for presentation to the public. If it is a role based on someone real, the investigation will focus on their biography; otherwise, in his most relevant characteristics, from his personality to some illness that marks his life. Since the works of fiction They do not show every second of existence but milestones, the performance should be slightly “exaggerated” to accentuate the events as much as possible.

Finding the right point between lack of intensity and overacting is not easy, and in fact only the most talented do. The use of mimicry, or its study as a complement to acting, is essential to put the body at the service of interpretation. All of our muscles must represent the character, not just those of the face and the parts of the body that are used in the scenes: even if we are simply talking or moving an arm, the transformation it must be complete.

Today the stunts and the imitations they are frequent activities in the field of mimicry. Also the dance It is usually part of their shows, which take place both in theaters and in the streets and squares.

We can’t stop mentioning the mimicry game, which is also known as say it with mimicry, among others. It requires a minimum of two people, and can also be played as a team. On each turn, one player must use only mimicry to represent a concept and get the other to guess it. The unknown can be a word, a proper name or the title of a book, for example. There are certain conventions that facilitate representation, such as indicating the number of words and their length by making certain gestures known to all members.