The Latin word lac arrived in Castilian as milk. This is how the off-white liquid substance that the females of the mammals segregate through their moms to feed their descendants. It is the only food that the young consume until it is time for weaning.

MilkMilk, therefore, enables nutrition puppies (or babies, in the case of humans) until their digestive system is ready to assimilate other foods. In this process, in addition, milk provides protection against toxins and pathogens and helps metabolize different substances.

It should be noted that peopleAfter weaning, it is common for them to start drinking milk from cows, sheep or other animals, a practice that can persist throughout adult life. With the animal milkIn addition, multiple dairy products are made: yoghurt, cheese, cream (cream), butter (Butter), etc.

If in animal milk intended for human consumption all the nutritional components and the grease, is about whole milk. When the fat is removed through spinning, it achieves skim milk.

The milk powder, on the other hand, it is generated by dehydration. Another type of milk is condensed milk, which is concentrated by evaporation and incorporated sugar.

Milk is also called juice what is obtained from seeds or fruits. In this framework, one can speak of rice milk, soy milk or almond milk, to mention a few possibilities.