MetrosexualThe word metrosexual not yet part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). Its use, however, is becoming more and more frequent.

Metrosexual is an adjective that refers to man that he cares about his image and that he has certain tastes and customs generally associated with the woman (for example, the use of cosmetics, excessive spending on clothing or addiction to cosmetic surgeries).

The term includes the prefix subway (from metropolis), since this trend developed in urban areas and in large cities. The concept was proposed by the journalist and writer Mark simpson on 1994 to define a new kind of man.

You could say that a metrosexual is a man who lives in a city, is aware of the latest fashion trends, invests a lot of money in clothes, takes care of his skin with cosmetic creams and goes to a manicure. Importantly, metrosexuality is not linked to sexual preference: metrosexuals can be straight, gay or bisexual.

The metrosexual man seeks to like himself; therefore, invest time and money in its aesthetic appearance. Unlike what could happen in the past, he does not hide his behavior, but rather shows it publicly.

Metrosexuality, therefore, breaks with the stereotype of the rustic man who tries to highlight his masculinity. On the contrary, the metrosexual is not afraid to show his feminine side, a decision that, in certain societies, generates rejection and public ridicule. The English footballer David beckham It is usually considered as a symbol of metrosexuals.

MetrosexualIt is necessary to point out that the homosexuality it is not directly linked to the adoption of customs and personality characteristics of the opposite gender. Whenever we talk about metrosexuality, it is clarified that it is not related to the taste for people of the same sex; since both concepts are absolutely independent, this caveat is invalid. A man is homosexual if he is primarily attracted to other men; Outside of sexual relationships, he can be messy, neglect personal hygiene, enjoy soccer and car racing, video games, and wrestling.

It is not uncommon to meet gay men who behave much more masculine than the heterosexuals around them. Similarly, a homosexual woman may adore aesthetic matters, fashion, perfumes and accessories, love movies and the music of Michael Bublé. It is more likely to find a mother of three destroyed by her life as a housewife, with short hair due to lack of time to take care of it, with sports clothes that she inherited from her eldest son and with a skin that was last moistened fifteen years ago, than with a masculine attitude lesbian.

Regarding the attractive male model of the society Today, it is curious that the trend is aimed at young people under twenty years of age, with small bodies and little or no facial hair, who are very concerned about their physical appearance and their clothing. The success of Justin Bieber is a clear example of the differences between the current concept of masculinity and the one that prevailed when Frank Sinatra was the erotic myth of youth.

The cinema and television of recent times have transformed the rude characters that once would have been Rambo and Terminator into exponents of aesthetics and perfection, sacrificing their credibility in pursuit of a style artificial, which increasingly differentiates the actors of computer-generated models. In this case, many actors who in their personal lives do not care about their physical appearance to the point of obsession, are forced to represent real living mannequins.