With origin in Latin fusion, the concept of fusion allows to describe the act or consequence of melting or merging (that is, to melt and liquefy various solid bodies such as metals and achieve that of two or more things only one remains).

FusionAccording to the theory, it is known as fusion to physical procedure that implies a change of state in a matter that goes from solid to liquid. By heating matter in the solid state, a transfer of Energy to the atoms, which begin to vibrate more rapidly.

Arguably fusion and foundry they refer to the same procedure, although the second concept is reserved for metals and crystalline solids that liquefy at high temperatures.

It should also be noted that it is called heat of fusion to one that is absorbed by matter during its modification without noticing a change in temperature. On the other hand, the melting point is the temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid.

The so-called nuclear fusion is a reaction that takes place when a pair of light nuclei is united, which generate a nucleus of greater weight (with more atomic mass) and a higher level of energy release.

In another sense, fusion is a union of interests, ideas or parties. In the field of business, a merger occurs when two or more Business they pool their assets to form a new society. The merger can also occur between political parties, clubs or organizations of another kind.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked either that the term that concerns us is very frequently used in the field of Literature, and more specifically of poetry. In this artistic field and when talking about two lovers, the expression “fusion of their bodies” is used to show that a couple has maintained physical and sexual contact as a way of getting even closer, not only on a bodily level but also from a sentimental point of view.

Another sector where the fusion concept is used is in the kitchen. Specifically, it is used to refer to what is the hodgepodge of culinary styles that come from different cultures and that are also defined by the well-known union of very diverse species. Thus, for example, we can talk about Tex-Mex gastronomy, which is the result of the sum of Texan and Mexican cuisine, and which has among its main dishes nachos, tortilla chips or hot sauce.

Finally, in the music, fusion is the subgenus that combines various styles and rhythms. For example: jazz fusion.

In this sense, we cannot miss the opportunity to mention that in this artistic field there is also fusion rock, which is a mixture of punk, hard rock, rap, metal and of course rock. Among the most important groups that carry it out are the mythical Red Hot Chili Peppers or the Californian band Faith No More.

And there is also Latin American fusion, which is another musical genre that is the sum of learned music, jazz and rock.