From Latin promptuarĭum (“pantry”), medical record is a annotation or a abstract that is made of something in order to have certain things present when they are needed. The medical record can be a personal record or one publication that collects the main aspects of a affair, allowing a quick and easy consultation.

HandbookFor instance: “The Copelsark publishing house presented a new mechanical handbook aimed at engineers”, “My uncle has a field and is always attentive to the meteorological record to take care of his plantations”, “I am reading a computer directory that is useful for programming the system”.

It is interesting to note that on the Internet you can find pages that become authentic medical records for certain professions. Thus, an example, can be found from websites specialized in the tools or instruments necessary for architects to those who want to act as medical records for experts in the computer field or even in the medical field.

Throughout history there have been several very important medical records. One of them is precisely the one entitled “Prontuario dei nomi locali dell´Alto Adige”. In 1916 it was when the creation of this document was undertaken, by the Royal Italian Geographical Society, in which all the place names that were used in the Bolzano area were collected.

Specifically, it must be said that historians coincide in underlining that it played a key role in the Italianization carried out by the fascists. In that cited record, it should be noted that the place names that appear were obtained either through translations, through derivations of a geographical type or thanks to the use of others that previously existed.

However, the names of localities and towns were not lacking either, which were obtained by using the place names of ancient Roman camps or by means of a reduction carried out at the phonetic level.

In countries like Argentina, the concept is usually associated with criminal record. In this case, the medical record compiles the criminal record of a person and it has an impact on judicial decisions (the antecedents can act as aggravating factors).

When talking about a person’s medical record, therefore, they are referring to their criminal record. If the subject does not have a medical record, then, there is no record of a violation of the law neither sentence.

“A criminal with a large record was arrested when he tried to leave the country”, “The suspect’s file coincides with the accusation of the victim”, “I think people should not continue to condemn me for my record because I have already paid all my sentences with ten years in prison”, “The judge is analyzing the medical record to issue the corresponding sentence” and “I do not understand how the people can choose a mayor with a similar record” are some expressions that use the notion of medical record in reference to criminal records.

In the case of Spain, there is the International Judicial Assistance Handbook, which is available both on paper and online. It is a very clear and functional guide that aims to facilitate the work of all professionals in the judicial field in regarding cases that cross borders.