The concept of median has its origin in latin mediānus (translated as “medium”). According to linguistic experts, it can be used as adjective or as noun in different contexts and with different meanings.

MedianIn its version of adjective, median or its feminine they give an account of something that is moderate, midway between large and small, or intermediate quality. For instance: “I’m going to bring the medium pot”, “Which chair do you find the most convenient for your desk?” In my opinion, the median will be perfect “, “Please give me the screws that are stored in the medium box”.

From the field of geometry, the median is understood to be a transversal straight that allows joining the vertex of a figure triangular with the midpoint of its opposite side. Each median, therefore, allows the triangle to be divided into 2 areas of the same surface.

The trio of medians present in a triangle, on the other hand, converge on the barycenter (also know as centroid or gravity center) of the figure.

Within the field of geometry we have to emphasize that when we speak of median we find the existence of a theory about it that is known as Apollonius’s Theorem, in honor of the person who developed it. Specifically, what it does is relate the length of the median of a specific triangle with the lengths of the sides of the mentioned geometric shape.

The aforementioned theory states that the sum of the squares of either side of the triangle is equal to half the square of the length of the third side plus twice the square of the corresponding median.

The Greek geometrist Apolonio de Berga, as we said earlier, is the one who developed this theorem for which he is known. But it is also because he is the person who established a series of terms that are used today in that area. Specifically, he was the one who gave the name to the hyperbola, the ellipse or the parabola.

In the same way we cannot forget that this character, born in 262 BC in the city of Perga, established the theory of epicycles.

In the statistics, the median represents the value of center position variable within an organized data set. This means that the data set equal to or less than the median will account for 50% of the data, while the larger data will represent the remaining 50%.

In the same way, we cannot forget that Mediana is an important archaeological site of Roman origin that is located in Serbia. More specifically, we can underline that it can be visited in the city of Nis, which is located in the south of the country and is considered the third largest in the nation.

The separation that makes it impossible to pass between lanes in the opposite direction on a highway or dual carriageway; the cue that it is somewhat larger than the common ones and that it is used to play the balls that are distant from the rails; the belt which is used to tie the barzon to the yoke of the yoke and the grammar class which dealt with the use and construction of the parts of a sentence are also known as median.