MechatronicThe Mechatronic is a discipline that links various specializations of the engineering. The electronic Engineering, the Informatics Engineering, the mechanical Engineering and the Control engineering, for example, are conjugated in mechatronics.

In fact, it is often spoken of Mechatronics Engineering to allude to this combination of knowledge. This is also called the college career that trains professionals capable of providing solutions that transcend those that could be generated by each of the engineering companies separately.

It is important to clarify that mechatronics is not conceived as a branch engineering. It is a new area that was born from the interaction and integration of various branches of engineering.

Numerical operation, thermotechnics, electrical engineering, industrial automation Y Industrial roboticsmeanwhile, they are among the usual subjects or subjects that a mechatronics engineering student must take to achieve their qualification. The objective is that the graduate has a multidisciplinary training that allows him to respond to the many challenges in his field.

A mechatronics expert can therefore devise, design, develop and operate systems Y automated equipment and of advanced technology that make it possible to increase productivity and competitiveness. Your work may be focused on meeting certain emerging needs and you must be committed to offering a positive impact in all areas, from social to political to environmental.

Another task that a person graduated as a mechatronic engineer can carry out is the generation of solutions that are based on innovation, creativity and the continuous advancement of automation and control systems. processes typical of the industry. This last point is directly related to another of its commitments: promoting competitiveness among companies. He also has the appropriate training for the management of work teams that combine different disciplines.

The artificial intelligence, the robotic and the computerized control are some of the areas of interest of these engineers. For example, through the evaluation, selection and integration of machines and devices (such as numerical control lathes, robots, industrial computers and programmable logic controllers) that can improve industrial manufacturing processes.

MechatronicAlthough mechatronics is frequently associated with robotic, both notions do not refer to the same thing. Robotics is considered to be part of mechatronics since, although most robots are mechatronic, there are mechatronic systems that cannot be defined as robots.

The subjects that are included in the career of mechatronics engineering revolve around the exact sciences. Some of the most common are mathematics, physics, electronics, computer science, mechanical engineering, automatic control, industrial engineering, and mechatronics itself. Within this wide range of subjects, students should be able to opt for some of them while leaving others out of their study plan with the aim of specializing in a given field of application.

We must not underestimate the importance of specialization in the labor market, especially in technology-based careers. It is the first step towards a series of postgraduate courses that allow professionals to expand and solidify their knowledge more and more, always with a well-defined objective. Many companies appreciate this approach and therefore prioritize specialized applicants over those with a training more diverse.

The specialty of a mechatronics engineer includes study at a theoretical and practical level, since it must be trained in such a way that it can carry out a project that results in the application for patents and publications of scientific dissemination.