To act of processing it is known as prosecution, as indicated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary. The verb processMeanwhile, it refers to the development of scheduled operations or a transformation process. Mechanical, on the other hand, it can refer to what is done automatically or what causes physical effects such as erosion or collisions.

Mechanical processingIt is called mechanical processing to the work that allows achieve a physical, structural or shape modification of a material. Jobs are typically run to transform plastics, metals and woods, for instance.

These actions are carried out by applying a mechanical force, either tension, compression, flexion or other class. Depending on each case, it can be worked on hot or cold material.

In a broad sense, mechanical processing encompasses multiple materials or substances. Oilseeds, to mention one possibility, can be subjected to mechanical processing for the extraction of oil.

There are machines that are responsible for the mechanical processing of the meat. These equipments, according to the characteristics of the product to be obtained, make it possible to generate numerous high precision cuts, taking care of consistency and appearance.

At a general level, mechanical processing is a task carried out with machinery that allows you to save weather and achieve various productive advantages. The process can be carried out in different ways depending on the industry and the materials or raw materials in question. Investing in mechanical processing, ultimately, is a decision that multiple companies make to improve their competitiveness.