The concept of foreman is used with reference to a foreman, a duty manager or a boss. The term can be used in different fields.

Different applications

The foreman of a Agropecuary exploitation He is the one in charge of directing the rest of the workers. It can also be the Shepherd who is in charge of the care of the flocks. He can also take care of horses and cows.

Mayoral livestock

The mayoral is a shepherd who takes care of a flock

In a sheep herd, for example, the mayoral directs all herds, ranking hierarchically only below the owner. Each flock, in turn, has a specific manager (known as rubadan, to whom more than a thousand sheep may correspond).

The head of a crew of reapers or diggers, the head of government of the draft of the animals in a carriage and who collect alms or tithes It can also receive the name of mayoral. In ancient times, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the term also alluded to the individual who ran a charity house or hospital.

A textile company

Foreman, on the other hand, is a textile company based in the town from Malaga (Spain). With children’s clothing as its main business, this company is present in 75 countries and has 10,000 points of sale worldwide. These are just some of the numbers that make them stand out in their market.

Among its activities, this company is dedicated to design, manufacture, distribute and market scope articles textile. It all began in 1941, when the foundation of “Domínguez Toledo” took place, the first company in the Malaga municipality of Yunquera to produce and market stockings and socks. Three decades later, “Mayoral Moda Infantil” was born, the most important entity of the group that we know today.

It is a family business, but this has not prevented them from expanding across the map, reaching countries as diverse as France, Russia, the United States, China and Colombia, among many others. Mayoral is living proof of the power of determination, responsibility and good decisions, so important to get high as to sustain in the most difficult stages and get ahead.

As surname

Surname Foreman, on the other hand, it is common in the Spanish territory and in several nations from Latin America. We can name Manel Mayoral, an art collector who in 1989 inaugurated the Mayoral Gallery on Barcelona; to the footballer Borja Mayoral, international with the lower or youth divisions of the Spanish team; and the Argentine diplomat Cesar Mayoral, among other personalities.

Mayoral Dalí

Salvador Dalí, one of the great artists whose works have passed through the Mayoral Gallery

Mayoral Gallery

Manel Mayoral’s activity in the field of art and antiques began in 1979, in the city of Tarragona. There he opened a shop dedicated precisely to the commercialization of antique objects and, later, to the display squared. Almost a decade later he traveled to Barcelona, ​​where in a short time he opened the gallery that bears his surname. It was the starting point for other projects, made possible thanks to the success it achieved in the Catalan capital.

The Mayoral Gallery specializes in both art of Vanguard historical as well as contemporary. Regarding its collaborations, we can mention that it has a presence in different fairs in Europe, among which are the following: Fira d’Antiquaris Barcelona, ​​Fieriarte Madrid, Art Madrid, MiArt Milano, ArteFiera Bologna and Art Cologne. On the other hand we must mention the exhibitions that have taken place in it, with names as prominent as Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Botero, Appel, Tàpies, Chillida and Barcelo. As can be seen in this list, Mayoral opens its doors to prominent names from the past as well as the most prominent artists of the present.