Maximum strengthFor the physical, a force it is the cause that can deform a body or change its state of motion or rest. The concept is often linked to the ability to hold a weight, move something or resist a push. It maximum, on the other hand, it is the extreme or the upper limit that something can reach.

It is called maximum strength to overwhelming force that can be exercised by a group of muscles through a voluntary contraction. Specifically, it is the largest weight that a person can move in a single movement.

The idea of ​​maximum force is used frequently in the field of body-building. Those who choose to develop their physique by lifting weights seek to increase their muscle mass and eliminate fat. Beyond an adequate diet, in these cases it is necessary to develop a training that stimulates numerous nerve fibers to provoke the muscle hypertrophy (that is, the growth of the musculature).

This quest for muscle hypertrophy, in turn, requires the lifting of large weights repeatedly, for which strength is needed. At this point it is important to bear in mind that there are different types of force: the maximum force is that which, in a single movement or repetition, allows you to lift the greatest weight that the subject can move.

The explosive force, also called power, is related to the speed with which the weight can be moved. The resistance force, on the other hand, it is given by the ability to sustain the effort for long periods of time.

It should be noted that the explosive force and the resistance force depend on the maximum force: according to its characteristics, the person it will have more or less power and endurance.

In short, we can say that maximum strength is an essential element of good physical condition, both for those who want to improve their endurance as for those who focus on increasing their explosive power. Voluntary muscle contraction that occurs when using maximum force is closely related to the neuromuscular system. We understand by neuromuscular system the group in which the musculoskeletal and nervous systems are found; in it there is the intervention of a presynaptic neuron, a synaptic space and at least one muscle cell.

Training maximum strength allows us to improve the synchronization of movement units while increasing the fibers of our muscles. To get the most out of it and achieve the goals we set ourselves, in addition to avoiding mistakes that pose risks to our Health It is important to take into account certain tips when exercising:

Maximum strength* Any relatively heavy load must exceed 85% of the maximum repetitions;
* it is not recommended to do more than five repetitions in a row;
* do not exceed the number of exercises per day;
* Rest between very long sets to give your muscles time to recover.

While there are many known maximum strength programs, there are three that stand out:

* 5 × 5 method: is one of the most common. Its creator is not known but many believe it was Bill starr, who details it in his book The Strongest Shall Survive: Strength Training for Football (which can be translated as The Strongest Will Survive: Strength Training for Soccer). Simply put, it is based on five series of five repetitions;

* 5/3/1 method: invented it Jim Wendler and is based on four exercises that serve to increase strength, such as deadlift, military press and bench press;

* Westside Barbell: also known as conjugate method, and consists of rotating main movement exercises. For example, instead of just doing squats this method proposes to train all the muscles involved in this exercise to strengthen them separately and improve our performance when trying again.