MassageFrom french massage, massage is the activity that consists of rub, press or hit with a certain rhythm and intensity various parts of the body for therapeutic, aesthetic or sports purposes.

For instance: “Won’t you give me a massage? My back hurts a lot”, “I want to go to a spa to get massages”, “I always had pain in my feet, but massages help me feel better”.

Massage can be considered as a technique, a art or even one scienceas it involves biological, medical, psychological and other issues. It is believed that massages can help the muscle relaxation, to relieve pain already induce sleep.

Massages can fulfill multiple functions. There is therapeutic massages (which improve circulation, help regain mobility and reduce ailments), physiological massages (relieve fatigue), sports massages (they prepare the athlete for the competition), relaxing massages (provide comfort and regulate tension), preventive massages (they relax a tense area that can lead to injury), etc.

It is important to note that therapeutic massages They must be carried out by experts since, otherwise, they can harm the recipient. Pregnant women, those who have just come out of surgery and those who suffer diseases Inflammatory vessels or infections should not be massaged.

It is known as erotic massage or sensual massage to one that is developed in order to promote arousal and promote sexual pleasure. These massages are not only performed on the genital areas, but can stimulate libido from other regions bodily

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, relaxation is just one of many Benefits who can offer a massage, and it is always advisable to go to a technically trained person in this field, to avoid potential injuries of varying severity. In addition to the physical dexterity of the masseur, his way of making contact with the patient’s body, there are products that are especially useful in this area: essential oils.

MassageAmong the advantages of essential oils used in a massage are their benefits for the skin, such as nutrition and hydration. Ten of the best oils are mentioned below, highlighting their main virtues:

* almond: it is very rich on a nutritional level and also has a high degree of minerals, vitamins A and E, proteins and, not least, a high concentration of essential fatty acids;

* juniper: it has a toning effect on the skin, it is known for firming the bust and for causing a significant stimulation of the circulatory system;

* lavender: It is used for several purposes, such as the treatment of pains rheumatic (soothing action) and hypertension, to relieve skin infections, insect bites and wounds (antiseptic and healing actions);

* melissa: it has a great sedative and relaxing power, ideal to combat nervousness and anxiety;

* sandalwood: adds to the massage the benefit of hydration of the skin;

* aloe vera: in addition to hydrating the skin, it acts by regulating its humidity and promoting its elasticity and softness;

* chamomile: also known as camomile, It is very useful in combination with a massage, since it helps to overcome problems in the muscles, typical of bad posture and intense exercise. On the other hand, it serves to treat insomnia and anxiety;

* eucalyptus: used to relax the skin body and face, in addition to relieving rheumatism, arthritis and muscle problems;

* citrus: they serve to disperse negative energies. The orange blossom, for its part, also has aphrodisiac properties;

* orchid– A massage with orchid essential oil helps hydrate and relax the skin.