MarginalMarginal it is that or that belonging to or relative to the margin (extremity or edge of a thing). The marginal is on the edge, that is, it is not part of the central or the most important.

A fringe issue has a minor or minor importance. For instance: “The president will not speak about marginal issues that do not have relevance within the framework of problems to be discussed at the conference”, “The agreement with Bolivia was a marginal achievement in an agenda that was not very successful for the government”, “López’s goal was a marginal event in a match comfortably dominated by the visiting team”.

Said of a subject or a social group, marginal is who lives or acts outside of social norms, either of their own free will or for reasons of force majeure. In many opportunities, marginalization is associated with crime and being outside the law, although the concept can also be used to name those who live in the poverty, to those who have been marginalized: “Three outcasts beat a teenager to steal his wallet”, “An old woman was walking down the street when a marginal approached and snatched her wallet”, “The current economic policy is a factory of marginals that throws thousands of people out of the system”.

The marginal cost or marginal cost, on the other hand, is the increase in production costs by increasing the quantity produced in one unit. The evolution of marginal cost can be expressed graphically through a concave parabola due to the action of the law of diminishing returns (the minimum point of the curve reflects the number of goods to be produced with minimum costs).

The concept of marginality refers to a theory that indicates the coexistence of a segment Social traditional along with a modern one, which represents an obstacle in the search for personal and economic growth independently. It speaks of the regions that have not yet incorporated the values ​​and norms of the modern human being. This term is often used as a synonym for marginalization; Let’s see why this is an error below.


MarginalIt is known as marginalization to phenomenon structural that stems from the difficulty to achieve the propagation of technical progress in all sectors of production. At the social level, it is an inequality with respect to the intervention of citizens and various social groups in development processes and in the consequent use of its fruits.

Marginalized beings are affected by their place in society, as well as their access to education and housing, without forgetting their monetary income. For him State, one of the most obvious consequences is that the population is dispersed.

When the dimension of marginalization in a territory, the percentage of illiteracy is studied to try to assess the educational level of the population. Other indicators that are taken into account are the percentages of homes without water installation, without electricity, without drainage and with dirt floors, as well as the average number of people per room.

Once all these variables are gathered, they can be reduced to a single one to find the degree of marginalization that exists in a particular locality. There are various methods, each with its own procedure and with a series of possible results; For example, a statistical technique might return one of the following strata of marginalization: very low, come down, half, high and very high.

It is important to note that marginalization speaks of localities and not necessarily of their population. In fact, a high level of marginalization of a city does not prevent a group of people from having a very good standard of living.