MansionIt is known as Mansion to a luxurious home. It is a construction sumptuous which usually has a large number of rooms and various ostentatious details.

For instance: “The singer bought a new mansion in Miami, where he plans to spend part of the year with his wife and children”, “I do not know who is the owner of the mansion that is in front of the square”, “We want to move to a bigger house: we don’t want a mansion, but we do want something that is more comfortable for us”.

Arguably, a mansion is more pompous than a conventional house, though less than a palace. These are usually buildings that are located in exclusive neighborhoods or in areas far from the center of cities.

There are mansions of multiple architectural styles and decorated in different ways. They usually have two floors and a yard in the front sector, and they often have a swimming pool, garage and other infrastructures.

For people of the working classes, the mansion concept is often part of a fantasy of purchasing power that moves them to continue striving to one day lead affluent lives. Movie and music stars, on the other hand, tend to rent or buy these types of homes as normal, even though they don’t always need as much space. It is one of the many features of the imbalance that characterizes our species.

The Playboy Mansion It is one of the most famous worldwide. East edifice, situated in The Angels, it was the home of Hugh hefner, the founder and owner of the adult magazine “Playboy”. With twenty-two rooms, a games room, a wine cellar, tennis courts, a pool area, a waterfall and even a zoo, it hosted the great parties organized by Hefner, already deceased.

MansionThe haunted mansions, on the other hand, they are a common topic in the field of fiction. There are urban legends around large abandoned or deteriorated mansions about the supposed presence of spirits in them. On the basis of this belief, many novels, short stories, and films of terror.

In this framework we can mention Luigi’s Mansion (Luigi’s mansion), a well-known video game series published by the Japanese company Nintendo. The first title went on sale at the end of 2001, along with the launch of the console called Game Cube. The story of the game is quite simple: Mario, Luigi’s brother, has not shown any signs of life for a few days after entering a mansion that the latter believes he has won in a contest; Luigi decides to go rescue his brother, and thus begins a night of hunting for ghosts that you will never forget.

The mansion that Luigi must tour has three floors, a basement and a roof. As soon as he arrives he meets a mysterious and peculiar scientist who introduces himself as Professor E. Gadd, who gives him a modified vacuum cleaner to capture ghosts and teaches him different techniques that will be very useful. Throughout the adventure, increasingly challenging enemies appear, although the game never becomes horror, but rather a kind of satire of this genre.

The second title in the series takes us to visit not one but five mansions, each with a very different design from the rest. Released for handheld console Nintendo 3DS, and the rhythm of the adventure is very different from the first, since it adapts to short sessions of play. The third is set in a haunted hotel, where each flat it is practically a different world. It is available for the console Nintendo switch.