In order to know the meaning of the term mandala, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it is a word that derives from the Sanskrit “mandala”, which can be translated as “circle”.

A mandala it’s a He drew which, in Buddhism and Hinduism, is used as meditation help. Mandalas (which can also be referred to as send them according to Royal Spanish Academy) are a representation of the forces that govern the universe.

These drawings, therefore, and taking into account their etymological origin, usually have a circular shape.

The mandala symbolizes the microcosm and the macrocosm. At the structural level, the center of the universe it appears as a circle within a square. Anyway, mandalas are figurative and have different designs.

Currently, in western countries, mandalas are used to relax. Coloring mandalas is a common practice among those who wish to combat stress since activity provides serenity, minimizes anxiety and contributes to developing creativity.

In addition to all the advantages mentioned, we cannot ignore that coloring mandalas is considered to bring another series of benefits. We are referring to some such as these:
-Improves the mood, since it is responsible for balancing the spirit, body and mind.
-Helps to ensure that the person in question can express better and easier what their feelings and sensations are. And that will be done through the use that is made of colors.
-It is also considered that it is a way to have fun and to occupy the free time that one has.
-It is an activity that helps to improve the motor skills of both the hands in general and the fingers in particular.
-No less significant is that coloring mandalas helps improve patience and even capacity for effort.
-You can even improve the technique and precision that are later developed in other activities such as painting a picture or molding a sculpture.

It is also considered that it helps to promote reflection, to stimulate what is aesthetic taste, to promote critical thinking and even to develop the two hemispheres that are in the brain.

The usual thing is that mandalas are included in notebooks similar to children’s books to paint. A different mandala appears on each sheet, with the lines printed but blank. Each persontherefore you have to choose which colors to use to complete it.

The job It requires concentration so that the strokes do not come out of the edges. A) Yes, paint mandalas it is a practice that leads to forgetting, at least for a while, problems and worries.

It should be noted that many websites They offer mandalas to download for free. Anyone interested in coloring mandalas, in short, can look for designs, print them and finally paint them by hand with pencils, markers (markers), crayons, etc.