MAN networkThe concept of net, which comes from the Latin word challenge, has various uses and meanings. It is correct to say that almost all its meanings are linked to the structure that count with one characteristic pattern.

Red is therefore used in the computing to name the set of teams (such as computers) connected together so that they can share resources, services and information.

There are several ways to classify a network: according to its scope, its functional relationship or the method of Connection, for instance. In the first category (networks according to their scope), we can find the notion of MAN network.

MAN is the acronym for Metropolitan Area Network, which can be translated as Metropolitan Area Network. A MAN network is one that, through a high-speed connection, offers coverage in a large geographical area (such as a city or a municipality).

With a MAN network It is possible to share and exchange all kinds of data (text, video, audio, etc.) via fiber optic or twisted pair cable. This type of network represents an evolution of the LAN networks (Local Area Network or Local area network), since it favors interconnection in a wider region, covering a larger area. On the other hand is the WAN network (Wide Area Network or Wide Area Network), which allows the interconnection of countries and continents.

The MAN networks they can be public or private. These networks are developed with two unidirectional buses, which means that each one acts independently of the other with respect to data transfer. When using fiber optics, the rate of error it is less than if copper cable is used, provided that two networks of equal dimensions are compared. It is worth mentioning that both options are safe since they do not allow the reading or alteration of their signal without physically interrupting the link.

Among the uses of MAN networksMention may be made of the interconnection of offices dispersed in a city but belonging to the same corporation, the development of a municipal video surveillance system and the deployment of VoIP services.

MAN networkThe acronym VoIP can be read in various ways, such as “voice over Internet Protocol”, “voice over IP” or “IP voice” and it is a set of resources that make it possible to send the voice signal through Internet using an IP. In other words, if a MAN network is used to provide VoIP services, a communication similar to the telephone is possible but sending the information in digital packets of data, instead of using analog telephone networks, such as the PSTN (“public switched telephone network”).

Advantages of the MAN network over the WAN network

* Once the necessary equipment is purchased and the network installed, the maintenance costs of a MAN are considerably lower than those of a WAN network. One of the reasons for this difference is that in a MAN network it is possible to anticipate the maximum number of Username simultaneous at all times and control it;

* offers greater security and protection of data and the integrity of systems;

* it is best suited for traffic that does not require a fixed bandwidth allocation;

* the width of band it offers is greater.

Potential downsides

* For legal and political reasons, certain users may be forced to opt for a public MAN network instead of a private one;

* Its range, although very wide, does not exceed 50 km in diameter, so it may not be ideal in all cases.