The mammalogy is the branch of the zoology who is dedicated to study of mammals. To accurately understand the concept, therefore, it is first necessary to know what the zoology and what are the mammals.

MammalogyIt is called zoology to animal-centered science. The mammals, for their part, are Vertebrate animals that generally develop in the maternal womb and whose young feed on the milk that segregate the moms of the females.

This means that mammalogy is a scientific specialization that is oriented to the analysis of a specific type of animals: mammals. The etymology The term, in fact, takes us to the Greek language and is linked to the study of animals that have breasts.

Also known as mamiferology or theology, mammalogy is linked to ethology, the physiology, the anatomy and the taxonomy, among other disciplines. There are an estimated four thousand two hundred species of mammals throughout the world. planet.

The object of study of mammalogy, in short, are animals of hot blood: your body temperature is usually kept constant. Another feature is that females count on mammary glands that produce milk to feed their young.

The vast majority of mammals are viviparous and they have the body Covered hair. The dogs, the horses, the gorillas, the cows, the elephants, the mice and the lions, for example, are some of the creatures that are part of this group and that, in this way, are investigated by mammalogy.