Most is the higher quality. In a set of people or from objects, the majority will be the group that has a highest number of members or members. For example: “Most Americans like American football”, “The majority of voters have expressed support for this government.”, “By decision of the majority of the residents, the new theater has been baptized as Teatro del Sol”.

MostThe polls or questionnaires they constitute a good mechanism to understand the notion of majority. If a consultant conducts research to find out which is the season of the year preferred by the inhabitants of a city and, out of 10,000 respondents, 8,000 respond that they prefer spring, it can be said that the most people opt for spring.

Let’s look at another example. In a team of football, there are eleven starting or starting players. Of them, eight usually kick the ball with the right leg and three, with the left. It can be affirmed, therefore, that the most players of that team are right-handed.

The concept of majority is also used to name the highest number of positive or conforming votes in a vote. In a parliamentary session where the construction of a bridge over a river is debated, seventy deputies vote in favor of the project, fourteen against and five abstain. The initiative, therefore, was approved by the majority, since only one minority He opposed.

It must be stated that both in any election and in a self-respecting vote, it must be established that there are various types of majority. Within the chambers of any State it is common for one class or another to be requested to be able to give the go-ahead to a subject, depending on its importance:
• Simple majority. It is the one that determines that a question is accepted if it has the favorable vote of the attendees of the entity who have attended the vote.
• Absolute majority. This is what establishes that a decision is approved as long as it has the support of the majority of the members that make up an organization and not only those who have attended the meeting.
• Special majority. This other type of majority comes to be the one that determines that a question will be approved as long as it has the vote in favor of three-quarters of the members that are part of the body or organism in question.
• Qualified majority. In this case, we would have to say that this is the one that considers that for a question to be accepted it must have the “yes” of two-quarters of the members who have attended the assembly or of the members of the body.

In the case of Spain, for example, within the Congress of Deputies it is established that very important issues such as the amendments to the 1978 Constitution or the regulations of the Chamber themselves must have an absolute majority.

The coming of ageFinally, it is linked to what is established by the law so that a person has full rights to himself and his property.