Extension is he act and consequence of expanding: enlarge, extend. The term has several uses according to context.

ExtensionIt is called enlargement to a text or an enlarged image. Enlargements are usually copies of Photographs They are larger in size than the negative used for their production.

It should be remembered that the negative It is the film used by analog cameras for the development of printing on paper. The positive, in turn, consists of obtaining the positive from a negative, carrying out the development or a copy by contact.

With a machine known as enlarger, the printing allows to generate a largest copy than the negative. The size of the enlargement is conditioned by the characteristics of the photographic film.

The enlargement of the images that a person observes, meanwhile, can be done with lenses. These transparent elements allow deflection of the light path that forms the images. The magnifying glasses and the microscopes, in this framework, they serve for this extension.

An enlargement, on the other hand, can be a construction site destined to increase the surface of a building or other space. Suppose a homeowner decides to hire an architect to build a new room. In this way, various masonry works are carried out for the expansion of the property, which will have yet another environment.

The extension of a contract, finally, it involves extending the agreement. Take the case of a footballer hired by a club until December 2025. In October of that year, however, the institution offers him an extension of his contract so that he can continue in the entity. With the athlete’s acceptance, the link in question is extended.