The word that concerns us now, we have to emphasize that it is a word that emanates from an onomatopoeia. Specifically, it comes from what is expressed as “rrru rrruuu” and which is used to refer to the sounds made by pigeons.

Coo it is a concept that can be used in various contexts and with different meanings. The term comes from the verb lull, which refers to the issuance of certain sounds.

CooA stream can be the monotonous sound that allows pigeons and the turtledoves manifest your state of heat. For example: “The cooing of the pigeons did not let me sleep all night”, “Yesterday, while I was walking down the street, I heard a noise that I could not identify, until I realized that it was the cooing of the pigeons”, “Do you hear the coo? It seems to me that this pigeon is looking for a mate “.

In a similar sense, it is defined as a lullaby to seductive speech with what a person try to fall in love with another: “The night was long and the gallant began with his lullaby from the first hour”, “The boy’s lullaby did not give effect, since she left the party alone and happy”, “End the lullaby: I’ve already told you I have a boyfriend”.

The sing monotonous which is used for numb or reassure children also known as lullaby: “My father began with the lullaby and the little one fell asleep after a few seconds”, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Kevin, but the coo has no effect.”, “From hearing the lullaby so much, my husband ended up asleep on the couch”.

In addition to all the above, we have to emphasize that within the world of music there are several songs that use the term lullaby in their titles. A good example of this is the composition “Lullaby of stars” by the Mexican rock band Zoé. In his fifth album, “Prográmaton”, it was where he included the one that is an authentic song of love and all the sensations that are experienced when one is with the person whom one loves.

A lullaby, finally, may be the garment that babies are wrapped in to hold them in their arms. It is a garment similar to the mantilla: “Please, give me the brown lullaby that I’m going to get Leticia out of her crib”, “Nico’s lullaby was stained with milk”.

Of this garment designed for babies, we would have to say that it has a series of characteristics that identify and differentiate it from other similar items. Specifically, among its main signs are these:
• The lullaby is made with very soft and soft fabrics, so that the little one is comfortable and protected.
• This article gives him security and protection, since he comes to feel inside him as when he was in the womb.
• It is common to resort to swaddling the baby in the lullaby when he is crying. And it is that in it you will find the tranquility and relaxation you need.
• Two of the main differences that the lullaby has with respect to the shawl is that it has a smaller size and that it is used for the interior of the house.