The loyalty It is the fulfillment of what the laws of fidelity and honor. According to certain conventions, a good person must be loyal to others, to certain institutions and organizations (such as the company you work for) and your nation.

Loyalty is a virtue that develops in consciousness and that implies fulfilling a commitment even in the face of changing or adverse circumstances. It is an obligation that one has towards others. For instance: “The technical assistant showed his loyalty to the fired coach and left his position”.

The opposite of loyalty is treason, which involves the violation of an express or tacit commitment. The most commonly cited case is infidelity in a relationship with partner: not being loyal to that person with whom a sentimental bond was established is considered treason.


Loyalty is essential in a couple.

Loyalty to the employer and the flag

Workers, on the other hand, must show loyalty to their business; In some cases, confidentiality contracts are signed, which require employees to be completely confidential regarding the activities they carry out during their working hours, whether they are ideas, product names or company decisions, such as a market strategy.

In some countries, there is a ceremony whereby citizens express their commitment and fidelity to their homeland, which is known as the «jura de la flag«.

The fidelity of the animals

There is also talk of loyalty to refer to the gratitude, companionship and love that some animals are capable of showing people. The dog and the horse is often referred to as loyal animals, capable of risking their own lives to save their human relatives. With regard to this particular view, it is necessary to make certain clarifications.


Dogs are animals recognized for their loyalty.

In the first place, this type of loyalty is considered an absolute commitment, which does not repair the treatment received, which does not demand anything in return. Despite the cruelty involved in this type of relationship, it is expected that a animal domestic be happy receiving the amount of food that the veterinarian on duty decides is adequate, a modest walk around the city and eventual toys to calm their anxiety, and to bear any punishment on the part of the being in whom they trust.

If loyalty really consists of accept torture for not being able or wanting to separate from another living being, then it is a twisted and sinister term. Behind some small breed dogs that wear ties that they did not choose, that go to the hairdresser more often than many of the people they know, and that curiously bark at every animal that crosses their path, there is a living being full of stress and frustrations, an individual forced to live enclosed within four walls, with tutors who teach him to despise what he should love: the Liberty and nature.

The importance of loyalty

It is difficult to determine how animals feel about us, since we are subject to our perception of their actions and their samples of behavior. affected; but surely the aforementioned reality is due to its ability to tolerate and forgive, to give new opportunities to others, one of the many points in which they vastly surpass us as a species. This does not mean that they are not loyal; rather, it is an attempt to show that their bond with us is much more complex and profound than a life contract.

The loyalty between people and animals has been the protagonist of many of the works literature most important in history, some of which have been brought to the big screen. Two widely known examples are “White Fang” and “Jet.”