It is called loom to the device used to to knit. The concept is also used to name the factory that is dedicated to the production of fabrics. For instance: “I’m going to enroll in a loom course”, “I am fascinated by weaving loom”, “My mother works as a loom teacher in the neighborhood promotion association”.

LoomLooms are usually made with metal or with wood. At a general level, it can be said that they have warps (threads arranged in parallel), which are tensioned with weights. These threads can be raised together or individually to form the drag that allows to pass the plot.

There are two big groups of looms: industrial looms and the artisan looms. Industrial looms can be triaxial, circular or blueprints, according to the kind of fabric they can produce. Among artisanal looms, on the other hand, it is possible to differentiate between horizontal, the vertical and the backstage.

Take the case of flat (rectangular) industrial looms. The base threads, which form the warp, are placed vertically. The weft, that is, the threads that develop the fabric, are placed horizontally. To make the fabric, therefore, the warp is passed under and over the weft to crossing.

If we focus on artisan looms, the most common are racks. They present a frame made of wood that allows making fabrics without elasticity (flat). The horizontal ones use needles to pass the threads and weave, while the vertical ones have a base.

At present, we cannot ignore that another concept has emerged that uses the term at hand and that is generating considerable controversy, since there are many its defenders and also many who consider it to be a fraud. We are referring to the Loom of Abundance, which is a kind of help among women in a pyramidal shape, supported by groups that represent each of the four elements.

Basically it is presented as a way for women who have economic capacity to help those who have needs and when they need it they will receive the support of other of their companions of that loom.

Friendship, love, trust and solidarity are the values ​​with which the defenders of this system associate it. However, there are those who consider that it is only a scam to get money from women who later receive nothing in return.

The flower of abundance is how it has also been called, which has generated numerous conflicts and great controversy in society in countries like Mexico, where there are women who participated and entered fully into one of those looms and now feel ripped off.

Popularly we can also say that the word in question is used with another meaning. Thus, for example, in autonomous communities of Spain such as Castilla y León it is common to say the expression “go loom”, to express that a situation is very complex. In this way, one could say: “What a loom Manuel and Ana’s relationship, it turns out that now a lover of him has appeared.”