In order to begin to unravel the meaning or meanings of the long term that occupies us now, the first thing is to establish its etymological origin. In doing so we discover that it comes from Latin, and more precisely from the word “largus”, which can be translated as “abundant”.

Long it’s a adjective which refers to what has a lot length. It can be used in a physical or symbolic sense, depending on the context. For instance: “I don’t like that car: it’s too long”, “The president bored with a long speech, full of technical data”, “When you go to buy the sheets, make sure they are appropriate according to the length of the mattress”.

Long is an adjective that can also be used to refer to a period of time that has been prolonged or to indicate that a person in question is very clever or cunning. This last meaning is used within colloquial language.

Starting from that meaning in reference to time, we would have to highlight the existence of a film that uses the term at hand with that meaning. We are referring to “Long Engagement Sunday”, which was released in 2004 under the direction of French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

This film is based on the homonymous book by Sébastien Japrisot and takes as its protagonist Mathilde, a young woman who receives the news that her boyfriend has died at the front, fighting in the middle of the First World War. However, she does not want to believe that information so she will undertake a complicated and hard search for it.

Audrey Tautou, the actress known for having given life to the central character of the now classic “Amelie”, is the one who heads the cast, which also includes interpreters of the stature of Gaspard Ulliel or Clovic Cornillac.

LongAll things have a certain length. This notion is usually understood in conjunction with the idea of width: Objects therefore have a length and a width. Usually something is said to be long when length exceeds width.

A long car It is one in which its front wheels and its rear wheels are separated by a great distance. This physical characteristic can be synonymous with elegance for some persons or a discomfort for others.

A long dress, meanwhile, covers the entire body of a woman. These dresses are one-piece garments that start at the neck or shoulders and go down to the ankles.

In its symbolic meaning, the length is that which is extensive, continuous, dilated or abundant. For example, if someone comments “Gómez is a player with a long career”You are referring to the fact that this athlete has been through many clubs and has been in a professional career for many years. Similarly, a phrase like “It’s been a long time since we last saw each other” is linked to a lapse long time, at least from the subjectivity of the person who pronounces the expression.

In addition to all the above, it must be emphasized that in Spain there is a significant historical figure whose last name is the adjective in question. We are referring to Francisco Largo Caballero, President of the Republic during the first stages of the Civil War.