Location is he act and result of locating: indicate or establish the geographical location of something or someone. The term refers to site in the space, defined from different references.

LocationThe idea of ​​location can be linked to the identification of a specific site on the surface of the planet making use of the Geographical coordinates. This means that, knowing the length and the length, it is possible to place a point anywhere in the Land.

The geographic location or geolocation is carried out through a positioning system. At present, it is common to appeal to the Global Positioning System (Gps), capable of locating a point on the surface with an accuracy of a few meters or even centimeters.

To achieve localization, the Gps employ at least four satellites and use the trilateration. The gps network it has more than twenty satellites in orbit around the planet: in this way, it is guaranteed that there are always four or more satellites visible from any corner of the earth. The receiving device, based on the signals it collects from the satellites and calculating the time it took for them to arrive, measures the distance and records its position accurately.

In the colloquial language, to speak of location is to refer to the address of an establishment or to spatial position of an area or a zone. For example: “Yesterday, on a television program, I saw a report about a beautiful beach, but I did not hear its location”, “The company is confident of locating new oil wells in the region”, “I liked the hotel, although its location is not good since it is far from the center”.