The concept of lawyer, whose etymological root is found in the Latin word litterātus, has several uses. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to the enlightened and learned person.

Starting from that meaning, other words such as learned, cultivated, wise, cultured or read are also synonymous with literate. Rather, antonyms are terms like illiterate, uneducated, or illiterate.

LawyerThe notion, however, was changing with the passage of weather. At first he mentioned the one who could read or write: that is, he had access to the lyrics. Thus there was an opposition between the literate and the illiterate (or between the literate and the illiterate).

In the past, those who were able to develop writing or reading were considered wise due to the high rate of illiteracy at a general level. With the advancement of literacy, the adjective illiterate began to be used to specifically name the legal expert.

Today the lawyer is usually called degree in right: the attorney. A lawyer may also be appointed as a jurist of a public entity or yet legal adviser.

If we take that meaning into account, we come across words that are also synonymous with this term, such as jurisconsult, shyster or even legal officer.

A lawyer, in short, is someone who knows the laws and that he is authorized to exercise legal defense in a judicial process. In most countries, a lawyer must register with a bar association to be qualified to practice his profession or must have a permit from the State.

Suppose a person is fired without cause from his job and the employer refuses to pay him compensation. To assert their Rights, this subject goes to a lawyer, who assumes his representation and begins to act at the judicial level to ensure that his client receives what belongs to him by law.

Within the field of administration, we find a wide variety of lawyers. Thus, for example, there are the lawyers of the Courts, the lawyers of the Council of State, the lawyers of the Social Security …

Among the books that revolve around this legal professional, we must highlight, for example, the one entitled “Lawyer, have the word”, which was published in 2017 and which is written by Elena Regúlez Morales and Bárbara Pastor Artigues.

Specifically, what this work is about is to specify what are the characteristics that every good lawyer must have in order to win the case in which he participates. In particular, he places special emphasis on highlighting his good public speaking skills.

The world of cinema has been inspired on many occasions by the figures of lawyers. This would be the case, for example, of the film “Roman J. Israel, Esq”, which was released in 2017 under the direction of Dan Gilroy and which has Denzel Washington as the main actor. It revolves around the figure of an idealistic lawyer who will find himself plunged into a series of situations that will jeopardize his principles.