LatencyLatency is a word that is used to describe a matter or object that is in state latent. This adjective, on the other hand, serves to describe the state of something that is hidden, is not in sight or that, apparently, is not active.

The idea of latency is present in the field of biology to name the time that passes from launched a stimulus and the appearance of a answer in front of him. The concept is used in particular to focus on the period spanning from the contracting of a disease and the manifestation of the first signs or symptom.

For him psychoanalysisInstead, latency is a phase that indicates a a certain moment in the libidinal evolution of children. Sigmund Freud distinguished between two periods in sexual development: one that begins at birth and reaches the so-called Oedipus complex and another that starts in the puberty and lasts until sexual maturity. The latency period would then be the intermediate moment between both stages.

The most important events that take place in this transitional stage are the burial of the Oedipus Complex, the formation of the Superego and the development of feelings of shame and disgust, and of barriers within the Me, related to ethics and aesthetics. Latency lasts until the changes typical of puberty begin, at which time children of both genders are surprised by the alterations in their bodies, as well as unknown pulsations, which awaken their sexual desires, which had been repressed for a while. long weather.

It is worth mentioning that the relationship with sexuality It does not disappear absolutely during this period, but the energies that until then were dedicated to the genital aspect are channeled through the desire to learn new things, the interest in knowing the social environment and achieving integration in a group with which to feel identified . It is a primordial stage in human development, which is often overlooked; It is then when we begin to lay the foundations of our morals, when we begin to relate to other people, with families that are not ours, and we learn to empathize with other individuals. In addition, language is essential for the processes and phenomena just mentioned to be carried out normally, which indicates one of the fundamental points of training prior to this period.

LatencyChronologically, latency is usually between seven and twelve years of age. Starting from metapsychology, during this stage the psychic apparatus is transformed, since the superego is incorporated, an instance that internalizes the figures of the parents together with the limits exposed by them and the expectations they have placed on their children; the one in charge of satisfying all these demands is the Self. The increase in thinking is notable in contrast to the decrease in impulsivity, since concepts such as honesty, compassion and responsibility come into play, until that moment non-existent.

The mental health of the father and mother, or whoever takes their place in the development of children is very important, since the correct break with the Oedipus Complex and a healthy approach to sexuality will depend on it. On the other hand, the constant exposure to all kinds of information that we currently suffer from, certainly warrants various reviews and evaluations of the concepts raised by Freud.

In the sector of computing, on the other hand, latency refers to time delays that are registered in a net. These delays are caused by the delay in the propagation and transmission of the data packets. By adding all these delays, the latency of the computer network is obtained.