The notion of laptop is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). However, the term is used frequently in our language.

It is important to establish that the etymological origin of this term is found in English and is that it is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language:
-The noun “lap”, which can be translated as “lap” and has a Germanic root.
-The word “top”, which is synonymous with “the highest” or “top” and also has a Germanic root.

LaptopA laptop is a computer laptop (i.e. a computer or laptop). Another concept of the English language that is used to refer to this device is notebook. That is why it can be said that laptop, notebook and laptop are synonymous: all ideas refer to the same element.

It is important to know that within the laptop sector we come across several different types of laptops, among which we can highlight the following:
-Ultrabook, which is a laptop that is identified as being very light, durable and thin. Its screen is usually between 11 and 15 inches.
-Netbook is the name given to the laptop that stands out because it is very economical and also because it weighs very little. It is used mainly to work with e-mail and to surf the Web.
-Gaming laptops are preferred by those who use them to play video games. In these highlights the fact that their images have a high quality and that they have a powerful graphics card.

The ease of movement it is the main characteristic of a laptop. Unlike a desktop, it must not be connected to function, since it has a battery that provides you with the necessary energy. Therefore, as long as the battery is charged, it is possible to use the laptop without connecting it to the mains.

In general, the laptop offers similar features to a desktop computer. In this way, it allows the same jobs to be carried out since they have similar properties in terms of hardware and the software. Of course, laptops are less heavy and smaller so they can be moved around.

This portability makes laptops an ideal tool for users. Travellers and for the freelancers or freelancers. They can be transported in a bag or briefcase and, in this way, the person Take with you everything you need to work, communicate, etc.

Take the case of a journalist traveling through the world writing notes that he sends to different newspapers and magazines. The “office” This reporter’s laptop is his, since there he stores information and writes his articles.

When buying a laptop you have to take into account not only the use that is going to be given but also the size of its screen, the memory it has, the operating system it has, the price for which it is for sale, its weight and dimensions, the brand that supports it and, of course, its graphics card.