The adjective lap is used to refer to that which is linked to skirt. The term skirt, meanwhile, refers to the lap of a woman or to garment that covers from the waist down.

As a qualifier of people

Yet man it is classified as a lap when it is womanizer or when enjoy being among women. The subject is also said to be lapped tends to obey female directions or instructions. For instance: “Be careful with Claudio, he’s a lap”, “Don’t be lazy and come have a drink at the bar with us”, “My cousin has always been a lap boy, since he was little he used to spend the day with the neighborhood girls”.


A lap man is a womanizer or submissive to women

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the use of this term is quite old, and that to this day does not meet the standards of equality and diversity. Not all women wear skirts; not even all want to. Each woman, each person is a world, which is why we cannot arbitrarily set up a group, based on a false one characteristic that arose as a result of social impositions. Despite all this, most Spanish speakers understand the meaning of lap in this context.

According to the first meaning, therefore, a lap man is attracted to women to a point where find it difficult to be faithful. This is associated with a lack of respect for their partners, which are usually short-lived. The second, on the other hand, describes a man who cannot make important decisions before receiving the approval of a woman very close to him, like his mother or his wife.

Someone too submissive

Symbolically, the individual who is servile and who submits to the designs of another. A lap dog, or lapdog, is someone who lacks initiative and that is limited to follow orders: “Our president is acting like the lapdog of the American president, his attitude is a shame”, “Be careful with López, he’s the boss’s lap dog”, “I need an assistant to correct me if I’m wrong, not a lap dog”.

In these three example sentences we can appreciate a symbolic use that differs from the one set out in the first paragraphs: we are not talking about a womanizer or a man who needs the approval of a woman to make decisions, but rather an individual joining another. To call lap dog it is a way of insulting someone, even if it is not the most aggressive, because it directly attacks their individuality, their ability to choose their own path.

As we can see when observing the first example, the diminutive (puppy) to enhance the meaning of the expression: the issuer not only questions the authority of its president but also underlines its insignificance through this resource. If we confuse the literal and the symbolic sense for a second, we can say that being so small will prevent rise to the challenge of your position.

Next we have a sentence in which the fact of being a lap dog is taken as a dangerous attitude, in that the extreme loyalty it clouds a person’s sense of justice towards others. Finally, the last example shows us an issuer who seeks an honest opinion, and knows that he will not find it in a person with these characteristics, who flatters him for fear of hurting his feelings.

Puppy lap

No one more affectionate than a lap dog

The lap dog

A lap dog, on the other hand, is a small size can that can lie comfortably on the lap of any person. Lap dogs can also be held in the arms without inconvenience as they are very light.

Beyond size, the idea of ​​a lap dog mentions a animal from Good character and friendly. That is why they are usually chosen by families as petsas they are not aggressive and are generally harmless.