LanguidFrom Latin languidus, languid it’s a adjective which refers to someone skinny or fatigued, weak-looking. The term can also refer to a subject of little spirit or Energy.

For instance: “The burly man did not hesitate to hit the languid boy, causing him serious injuries.”, “Someday I’ll go to the gym and stop being so skinny and languid”, “Languid beauty and voluptuousness tend to alternate in the preferences of designers”, “I like languid and tall men”.

The languor can be linked to the physical or the spiritual. In the first case, it is usually associated with a type of beauty characterized by thinness, paleness and fine lines. Languishness, however, is controversial as a beauty parameter as it can promote unhealthy behaviors. If a girl of average weight wants to look beautiful and languid, she can adopt eating habits that go against the Health and contract diseases like bulimia wave anorexy.

In the symbolic sense, the languid is associated with something that lacks strength or what is shown off, without passion or ability to move or excite. A languid social environment can be one where people treat each other coldly, there is no laughter, and there is an emotional distance between everyone.

Sometimes the languid may be subjected to subjectivity of who is expressed. A rock concert may be judged as entertaining and emotional by one person, but languid and detached by another.

The dangerous languid look

LanguidAnorexia is a disease It affects a significant percentage of the world’s population, especially adolescent women in school. The number of young people attending psychiatric and primary care consultations for cases of eating disorders is increasing.

The languid appearance of many couture models may seem artificial, little healthy and even unpleasant for many, but there are some people who see those skinny bodies as a goal, as the peak of beauty and set out to achieve a similar thinness, starting with this a career that never ends.

Extreme thinness never seems to go completely out of style, and many times it is presented as a synonym for beauty, strength, success, health … In reality, it does not represent anything other than to starve to fit in sizes that do not correspond to the own texture. Against this thirst languid-looking, there is no worthwhile campaign by health agencies.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that in the large catwalks Of international importance, not all the mandatory controls are carried out to ensure that the models have a body mass index equal to or greater than the minimum established by law. In this way, money and power once again manipulate the information that reaches the people, regardless of the terrible consequences that exposing inert bodies as trophies of beauty can cause.

In the eyes of the professionals of the medicine, excessively skinny models show an appearance comparable to that of a nervous anorexic person, and among the adjectives they usually use to describe their bodies are languid, cadaverous and androgynous. It is hard to believe that someone could want to show off such a poor and lifeless physique, but the multitude of cases of anorexia and bulimia indicate that these problems are far from being a myth or a battle overcome.

Do not forget that the environments in which these bodies are displayed malnourished they are highly desired, since they usually go hand in hand with salaries that are counted in the millions and trips around the world.