LandfillIt is called landfill to the space where the Solid waste of a city after having received certain treatments. To prevent contamination of the subsoil, waterproofs the ground with high-density polyethylene or another substance and clay is placed.

It can be said that the landfill is a technique in order to give the waste a final disposition. In addition to waterproofing and other processes to ensure that these wastes do not become a danger to public health, the compaction of the waste, thanks to which they occupy the least amount of space possible.

Ultimately, the sanitary landfill includes a facility and an operation for the disposal of solid waste. It is necessary that the authorities choose a suitable place for the development of this filling and that its daily management is rigorously controlled to avoid contamination and health problems.

Various equipment and machinery come into play in the daily operation of sanitary landfills: dump trucks, tractors, backhoes, compactors, etc. Depending on the amount of waste that goes to the sanitary landfill, there may be a greater or lesser need for manual labor. In larger fillings, most of the job It is mechanized.

The management of the sanitary landfill can lead to other important activities for the ecology and the economy. For example, it is possible to separate glass and paper so that these wastes are recycled: This minimizes the amount of garbage that remains permanently in the landfill and generates income.

One of the main goals of using a landfill is to avoid the problems that arise from methods such as the landfill. The latter is also known by the name of garbage dump, dump or garbage dump, and consists of a place in which garbage is deposited as the last of the Actions of the elimination process.

LandfillA dump could be clandestine (Environmental issues are not taken into account but is chosen by anyone to dispose of their garbage; it is a worrisome source of disease and pollution, among other problems, and is usually in sinks or natural depressions) or municipal (The site is chosen by the government, after having carried out the pertinent environmental, social and economic studies).

One of the measures through which the landfill intends to reduce the typical problems of a landfill it is an in-depth impact study environmental, social and economic carried out from the moment of its conception, in addition to the search for a truly suitable site, which is monitored and studied from the beginning to the end of its existence.

The environmental impact is one of the fundamental points of any waste deposit system, since it is the effect that this generates on the environment. Despite the fact that various campaigns have been trying for decades to make people aware of the consequences of our actions on the health of the planet, most live without worrying about these issues; the main reason is that the negative effects are usually not immediate or very obvious.

How many times do we ask ourselves what happens to our waste, or what happens if we forget to separate the different materials? We don’t see the behind the scenes, nor the problems that can arise if the organization of the personnel in charge of the maintenance of the sanitary landfill is not optimal, for which the normal thing is that we adopt an indifferent attitude in this regard. It is in our hands to collaborate with the system through the organization responsable of our garbage, as well as avoiding by all means littering the public thoroughfare and informing us about the projects related to the subject.