The lacquer is a substance that is formed in the branches of certain trees from the exudation generated by the bites of insects that die wrapped in the liquid that they make flow. This substance, which is translucent and resinous, is used to develop a hard glossy varnish.

LacquerThe lacquer-producing insect (the Laccifer lacca) inhabits East Asian trees. Lacquer, therefore, comes from that region, especially from the India. When the substance is collected, ground and cooked with other resins and minerals, the shellac that is used in inks, varnishes, adhesives and other products.

The concept, by extension, is used to refer to various things related to lacquer. It may be the colored aluminous substance that is added to the painting; the colorless substance that is used to fix the hairstyle; the russet which is obtained from the cochineal, the Pernambuco wood or the root of the blonde; or the object that is varnished with lacquer.

Objects painted or coated with lacquer are called lacquered. A lacquered piece of furniture stands out for its shine and resistance. It is possible to polish and wax on the lacquer which, in addition, offers a very fast drying.

We cannot ignore that there is also what is known as shellac. It is a substance that is obtained from the secretions made by an insect called the shellac worm. In Asia it is mainly where this product is used, which can be white or orange, and which is used to make from Chinese ink to musical instruments through all kinds of furniture.

Within the world of aesthetics and cosmetics, what is known as nail lacquer takes a special role. Nail polish is the other name used to refer to this product that, as its name suggests, is used to ensure that the nails of the hands or feet have a color according to the chosen wardrobe.

Thus, like other sectors of image care, new trends with respect to nail lacquers are appearing and changing. Thus, some colors are imposed on others and it is even fashionable to allow them to create authentic patterns on the cuticles in order to surprise everyone.

The hair spray, for its part, it allows to preserve the hairstyle for a long time and adds shine. Due to the high alcohol content of many of these products, their daily use is not recommended and it is suggested to spread the hairspray no closer than 20 centimeters away from the head.

It also establishes that this hairspray must be applied using circular movements and that its use is not recommended for all those who have oily hair problems.

A singularity is that this product is also used as an aesthetic trick. Specifically, it is used to make makeup last longer and remain perfect for longer. To achieve this, you just have to spray a little hairspray on the person’s face.