Footman it’s a adjective what refers to someone servile or creeping. What noun, the term was used to name the servant who accompanied his master, either on foot, on horseback by car. By extension, the servant, servant, or slave was often referred to as a lackey.

FootmanFor instance: “Tell the lackeys to get the horses ready: we’ll be leaving in an hour.”, “The lackeys rebelled against their masters and nothing was the same in the old town”, “The boss has to understand that we are his employees and not his lackeys”.

In ancient times, a lackey was a espolique (the groom who walked before his master’s cavalry) or a foot soldier who, armed with a crossbow, accompanied the knights during the war. The notion, therefore, was always associated with the idea of ​​serving.

The lackeys that the lords had in the Middle Ages had endless tasks to ensure that they enjoyed a life as comfortable as possible. The tasks they had entrusted to them reached such a point that they even had to be in charge of scare away all the insects that might be around their “masters”.

With the modern conception of job, the lackey idea acquired a negative significance. Serfdom and slavery are fought, despite the labor exploitation that a woman can suffer. person. A lackey, in that sense, is someone who is not protected by rights.

In addition to all the above, we would have to emphasize that within the field of Literature there are several books that address the figure of the lackey. This would be the case, for example, of the work “The last lackey”, by Martha Grimes, or “The fictitious lackey”, by Lope de Vega.

This last work is about a funny comedy created by the Spanish author who is an illustrious figure of the Golden Age. In it, she is told as a woman, endowed with great intelligence and cunning, disguises herself as a man and manages to fool everyone . The objective of this action is none other than to hatch a strategically prepared plan in order to be able to get the gentleman with whom she is in love.

The situation raised will lead to an endless list of the most fun, surreal and messy situations in which not only the protagonist but also the King of France himself will play fundamental roles.

Currently the term is associated with a creeping and unworthy subject, capable of stooping to be near someone powerful. A governor’s secretary, for example, will be considered a lackey if he is willing to lie to society to please his boss. The lackey, in this sense, puts aside the common good to serve the powerful, hoping to win their sympathy and favor.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that lackey has another equally important meaning. Specifically, that is a term that is also used to refer to the bow made up of several ribbons that women used to use to decorate what were the cuffs of the shirts they wore.