LabradorLabrador is the one who works the Earth. This verb refers to plow and to carry out other work on the land so that it is productive and crops can be developed. In this sense, a Labrador is a farmer or a rural worker.

The tillage It usually consists of creating furrows in the ground, either with a plow or with a hand tool. The objective of the farmer is to adapt the land for sowing, destroy weeds and promote water circulation for better irrigation. For instance: “My son was fascinated with the work of the farmers who plowed through the fields on a plow”, “A labrador died when he was struck by lightning during the storm”, “The task of the farmer is arduous: he must walk several kilometers a day”.

Labrador, on the other hand, is a breed of dog whose official name is Labrador retriever. It is one of the most popular breeds in the world since these dogs are usually friendly, smart and obedient: “Marta’s father gave her a labrador for her birthday”, “At home we have a labrador and a poodle”, “Labradors are the most sympathetic dogs I know: they are always willing to play”.

The labrador peninsula is in the Northeast Canada, between Atlantic Ocean and the hudson bay. The dogs of the breed Labrador retriever are originally from this zone, where are the labrador region and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Despite the fact that each animal has its own identity, there are a series of characteristics that are usually associated with each breed and, although it is not rigid information, it offers a fairly acceptable guide for those who want to adopt a dog to whom they can really give the life what do you need. It is important to clarify, before mentioning the traits usually linked to the farmer, that it is not correct to buy animals, as if they were objects; There are millions of dogs and cats suffering in kennels and shelters, waiting for someone to take pity on them, and in the same way, no one should worry about issues such as breed.

LabradorAmong those millions of souls in need of affection and understanding there is the Labrador, like so many other races that resulted from the manipulation of the genes of the wolf on the part of the human being. These precious animals are generally said to be very friendly, docile, adapt easily to their adoptive parents, have exceptionally good relationships with children and other animals, and especially enjoy water.

Unfortunately, the origin of this race is the sadistic mind of the human being, which convinces him of having the right to play with the lives of others, regardless of his species. The farmer was designed to chase birds in wetlands, and to swim to a duck carcass that has been shot down by a hunter and bring it back without the person having to bother.

Fortunately, not all people treat animals as if they were robots created for them, and sometimes we find dogs that enjoy a great deal of comfort. Liberty, that they only bond with their human parents to cross the street, and that they enjoy nature as they want and know, since they, unlike us, still remember the language of the earth and the trees.

The farmer is for many a slave who collects slain ducks; for many others, a stuffed toy that tirelessly returns a ball; for a few, a living being that has its own character and a reason for being as valid as any other.

San isidro labrador Y Saint Faust LabradorFinally, they are two Catholic saints venerated in various parts of the world.