WorkThe Action and effect to work is known as work. The term has different uses and meanings according to the context. It may be the job Or the work activity in general. For instance: “My job in the company consists of answering the telephone calls and referring them to the corresponding area”, “Packing the cookies is Ana’s job, you must take care of taking the packages to the distribution sector”, “Now you can retire: I have no other work for you”.

The home duties are those daily activities that must be carried out in a home, such as cleaning the house, preparing food or taking care of children. In Western culture, these tasks are usually attributed to the women although, in recent decades, domestic obligations began to be distributed more equitably: “Since my wife started working in an office, we both shared the tasks”, “Ironing clothes is the job I like the least”, “My husband hates all housework, except cooking.”.

The hole dug for the exploitation of a deposit receives the name of mining work. The mine, in this sense, includes all the work carried out to take advantage of the resources present in the deposit.

The job of child bearing (or labor) is the process that a woman must complete to give birth. This work begins with the dilation of the cervix, continues with the birth of the child (for which the mother should push out) and ends with delivery of the placenta.

The pain What women suffer during labor is undeniable, but there are ways to combat it, so that they can relax and enjoy the moment that, in cases of desired pregnancies, they have waited for so long.

Labor: Tricks to Fight Pain

Work* music: in the first stage of the work it is advisable to listen music relaxing, as people often do while warming up their muscles before exercising. Once it is time to push, on the other hand, something more rhythmic is necessary, which encourages movement;

* breathing exercises: the importance of breathing is usually minimized, although we well know that without it we could not live. Learning to control it, getting it to stop being completely involuntary, can be very beneficial for labor, as it helps to get more oxygen (also for the baby), calm nausea and distract from pain;

* massages: through massages, the body fights against pain naturally, and this can be achieved by pressing the muscles that present more tension, or by using hot compresses;

* to walk: This is another natural way to distract yourself from pain, in addition to improving the circulation. It is recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding how far to walk and at what pace. In any case, labor demands a lot of energy, so supplementary physical exercise should be moderate;

* to meditate: In this case, women who have previous knowledge about the various methods of meditation that exist have an advantage. However, whether or not he has approached some discipline related, we all have the ability to relax and try to free our mind from our body, seeking the inner peace necessary to face the pain and complications of labor;

* Take a bath: in addition to hygiene, contact with the Water offers the ideal relaxation to get through a bad day, or to renew before a difficult moment;

* get distracted: The pain of labor is not comparable with others, simply because a woman cannot choose to lower her arms and interrupt her labor. So it’s important to find a way to get over it and move on, no matter how. Just as music is a good choice to keep the mind occupied, another valid option for the mother is to talk, to chat with those who have decided to accompany her.