KilometerIt is called kilometer to a unit used to measure lengths and that is equivalent to A thousand meters. It is, therefore, one of the multiples of the unit known as meter.

The kilometer symbol is km, both singular and plural (1 km, 3 km, 568 km) and it is important to note that it is not an abbreviation; this means that a period should not be included at the end. It must be written, on the other hand, always with lower case to avoid confusion with the symbol of the Kelvin (K), a unit of temperature.

One kilometer is equivalent, compared to other units, at 0.621 miles, 1,093.61 yards, and 3,280.83 feet, for example. It should be noted that these equivalences are not exact, but rather are approximations.

According to International System of Units, a kilometer equals 10 hectometres, 100 decameters, 1,000 meters, 10,000 decameters, 100,000 centimeters and 1,000,000 millimeters.

For logical reasons, distances between cities or countries are usually expressed in kilometers. For instance: “Buenos Aires is 404 kilometers from Mar del Plata”. That same phrase, reflected in meters, would be more complicated to express: “Buenos Aires is 404,000 meters from Mar del Plata”.

The speed of automobiles is also expressed, for similar reasons, in kilometers per hour: “I bought a new car that reaches 220 kilometers per hour, although I cannot test it since in my city you cannot exceed 100 kilometers per hour”. If the speed of cars were measured in meters per hour, figures such as 220,000 meters per hour or 100,000 meters per hour would be handled.

The legends of the roads

KilometerIn many countries there are stories dark ones that are located on the roads, more precisely, in certain kilometers. These legends assure that strange, inexplicable things happen at that point on the street: cars that go off the road without explanation, radios that lose their signal or receive interference, appearances, surreal accidents, etc.

Many people disbelieve these stories; However, when something strange happens to them at that point, they stop doing it, because deep down there are things that have no explanation and therefore, just as they cannot be taken for granted, there is no way to deny them.

In Germany it is said that kilometer 239 of the road between Bremen and Bremenrhaven is located possessed by strange presences. This route has earned the fame of “cursed road” since since it was built, at km 239 there have been accidents extremely strange for which there is no logical explanation. For a long time the locals tried to understand the reasons, without obtaining any results; then they made the decision to avoid that stretch.

After an expert in paranormal events went to the scene and buried a copper box with a metal that was shaped like a star, the accidents stopped. Now, there are two versions: one says that the metal keeps the magnetism of the area at bay and therefore avoids misfortunes; the other, on which the majority of the settlers rely, maintains that it is an object that has a spell that keeps the forces away from evil … We will never know what the correct explanation is.

Like this one, there are many stories about cursed kilometers, where our life runs danger being threatened by the presence of another world. Possibly everyone has their point of view, and many people are skeptical of these legends, considering that suggestion expands the limits of credibility. However, these accidents do happen and there are many people who have experienced them, so we know that in certain sections of the road it is necessary to keep your eyes open and above all, to try to act normally.