The verb jump has several meanings. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to jump: the action that leads to lift both feet off the surface.

Some examples

For instance: “When I was a boy I enjoyed jumping over the puddles that formed with the rain”, “When he saw his father after three months, the boy began to jump and scream”, “The young man was injured after jumping over a log”.

Jump child

Children often jump to play or express emotions

In the first example we can see one of the most common nuances of this verb, which is «play«. Children often perform this action (which is much more spontaneous and less measured than a jump) with the aim of having fun. It is also one of the many things we do during our first years of life to better understand our environment, and sometimes it arises in response to new stimuli.

The second sentence also gives us another very important nuance of the verb jump: the joy. The child had spent three months without seeing his father, and when they finally met again, he could not contain his emotions, so his body reacted by externalizing a large volume of positive energy, which results from channeling anxiety, anguish and impatience, with screaming and jumping.

We come to the last example, in which the jump does not necessarily occur as a way of expressing another feeling, and perhaps not as part of a game, but in the middle of an impromptu exploration of a natural space. Far from being an athlete with years of training, the subject decides to jump to climb a log, but does not calculate force and height in the correct way, thereby causing damage.

Jump, jump and more

Jump, in the sense of going up to a place higher (either physical or symbolic), it can also be named as a jump: “I think that, after so many seasons shining in Spanish basketball, the Argentine player is ready to jump to the NBA”, “I had to jump to retrieve the ball that had been caught on a branch”, “I got tired of being another employee, I deserve to jump to management and receive a better salary”.

In both the first and third examples we can see a symbolic use of the verb jump, which speaks of “taking a leap” to a higher position within a hierarchy. In general, this meaning in a figurative sense is related to those areas in which talent and hard work are fundamental elements, such as professional sports or the corporate sphere.

Jump down the street

A young man jumping in the middle of the street

Jumping, on the other hand, refers to experience a shock from the cheer up: “I was sleeping and the explosion made me jump”, “I’m not going to jump for such news since it was within expectations”, “Why are you making me jump saying something like that? I do not want to stress “.

Here we have another relatively symbolic meaning, which is related to the one set out above to speak of “play” and “joy”, because it is a reaction, of a start, of an action that is not measured, nothing premeditated and that arises as a result of an emotion that is very difficult or impossible to control.

As a proper name

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