The idea of performance is associated with the link between the media that are used to get something and the Outcome that is finally achieved. In this way, performance can be related to benefit or with him advantage.

Labor performanceLabor, for its part, is what is linked to the job (the activity that involves a physical and / or mental effort and that is developed in exchange for an economic consideration).

These definitions allow us to understand the idea of labor performance: the result achieved in a work environment in relation to the available resources. The concept will depend on the objectives or goals set for the worker in question.

The managers and owners of any company, therefore, what they want is to improve the work performance of their workers, since they are perfectly aware that this will have a positive impact on it. Given this, they usually resort to a wide variety of measures, among which we would highlight the following:
-Create a good work environment, where everyone can feel comfortable and where they work for and for the team.
-Improve the self-esteem of employees, recognizing their tasks.
-Establish work plans by objectives, because when these are met, the satisfaction and pride of the workers will be significantly increased.
-Facilitate the participation of all members of the company, so that they feel part of it and do not hesitate to make their efforts and their tasks in favor of it.
-Promote equal treatment.
-Motivate workers.
-Encourage the training of employees, so that they can show enthusiasm for improving their performance and skills.

Using these measures and many others will increase the work performance of employees. An objective that is increasingly leading companies to be encouraged to hire coaching services, “business trainers”, who will work with the staff to strengthen relationships between them, so that employees can feel valued and also “rewarded” for their effort, so that they acquire new illusions within the position they occupy in the company, so that they enjoy a pleasant atmosphere …

Many times work performance is used as a synonym for productivity. If a person is hired to make shoes, his job performance will be determined by the number of shoes he produces in a certain amount of time. However, other factors also come into play, such as the technical resources available (machinery, materials, etc.) and the quality of the product (it is not the same to produce five poor quality shoes in an hour than two top quality shoes in one hour). the same period).

Job performance is often associated with issues such as strategy, the training, the remuneration and the environment. A person who is knowledgeable, receives accurate directions, is well paid and works in a pleasant environment, is likely to achieve a job performance far superior to that of a poorly paid, untrained worker working in an unhealthy environment.