Jacket It is a term whose meaning varies according to the region and the context. In several countries Latin Americans, like Argentina, Uruguay, chili, Paraguay, Bolivia Y Dominican Republic, a jacket is a sports or casual jacket.

JacketTo understand what a jacket is in this sense, therefore, one must first focus on the notion of jacket. This is the name of a warm garment whose distinctive feature is that it is open by its front sector.

The jackets or jackets, in this framework, usually have closing (zipper) or buttons so that it is possible to close them when desired. Usually they also have sleeves and extend below the waist, although the Models jackets can be quite different from each other.

For instance: “It’s very cold, I should have brought a warmer jacket”, “Don’t forget the jacket! It’s fresh”, “My parents gave me a blue and green jacket for my birthday”.

It should be noted that the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes other meanings of jacket. The adjective campera, or its masculine camper, can be used to refer to that related to the field: that is, to a land that is beyond the limits of a town or a city and that is usually used for the development of agricultural activities.

A country party, to mention one case, is a celebration that takes place in a rural area. These events usually include exhibitions and games associated with the work and customs of those who live and work in the fields.