IrreversibleIt irreversible is what cannot be reversed: that is it is not possible to recover the condition, the state or the property you previously owned. When something is irreversible, it has no turning back.

For instance: “The hospital doctors informed the relatives that the patient’s condition is irreversible”, “The position of the pro-government senators is irreversible: they are not willing to support the bill that will be voted on tomorrow”, “The end of the group terrorist it seems irreversible since all its leaders have been arrested or died in the fighting in recent months “.

Let’s imagine that, to choose the winner of a literary competition, a jury made up of five persons you must vote between two finalists. If the first three individuals who vote choose the same candidate, the result of the vote is now irreversible: no matter how much the two remaining voters choose the other candidate, it will be impossible to achieve equality or reverse the trend.

The death is also irreversible: once a living being dies, there is no chance that it will revive. That is why resuscitations belong to the realm of fiction or faith, since from science there is no way to get a deceased person to regain his vital state.

Facing the irreversible nature of death it is one of the most difficult challenges for our species, particularly for most western cultures, who take this point of our passage through the world as a disgrace rather than accept it as something that we all go through sooner or later. It all begins with physical deterioration, when we leave behind “the flower of age”, that stage that generally lasts from twenty-five to thirty-five years in which we can reach our maximum potential and our physical state is the best of all our life. life.

IrreversibleFor those people who care about working their body, the effort required to achieve the same objective grows progressively over the years, and becomes especially difficult after the fourth decade. This does not mean that it is not possible to be fit, but that the muscles respond less effectively as they age. The brain also slows down, even in the healthiest and most active people; It is inevitable and irreversible, it is a loss of strength and lucidity that nature needs for the elderly to give space to the younger ones.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror and begin to notice the first wrinkles, the first gray hair, or when back discomfort begins to appear and it takes a bit of time to get out of bed, we know that that unwanted day has arrived: we are getting old. Faced with this news that few want to receive there are many possible reactions, but the most common is deny reality and embark on the absurd war against the irreversible: creams, surgery, gymnastics that we had never practiced, a change of wardrobe for a more youthful one and hair dye, among many other tactics.

But none of this can restore us to youth. When we lose someone close to us, the lack of acceptance can lead us down an even rougher path, and cause us to fall into a depression that ends our will to live. It is in each one of us to learn to accept aging and death before it denial become our worst enemy.

Take the case of a wooden sculpture that catches fire. The flames cause the piece to turn to ash, disintegrating. Destruction of the construction site, therefore it is irreversible, because it is not feasible to rebuild it from tiny particles that underwent a definitive structural change.