In Latin it is where we can find the etymological origin of the irreducible term that now occupies us. Exactly we can highlight that it is the result of the union of the following lexical components:
-The prefix “in-”, which is equivalent to “no” and “without”.
-The prefix “re”, which is used to indicate intensity or repetition.
-The verb “ducere”, which is synonymous with “lead”.
-The suffix “-ble”, which indicates “that can”.

The adjective irreducible is used to rate that which cannot be reduced. The verb reduce, meanwhile, has multiple meanings: shrink, decrease, return to its previous state, fragment, summarize, convince.

IrreducibleFor instance: “The irreducible resistance of native peoples is notorious in the south of the continent”, “Honesty is an irreducible ethical value that must always prevail”, “I do not like irreducible positions, I prefer dialogue to reach consensus that will help us progress”.

Among the words that can function as synonyms for irreducible we find irreducible, unconquerable, inflexible or impregnable.

In colloquial language, the term is often used to refer to that or that which stands firm in its state or position, without accepting or allowing changes.

Take the case of a guerrilla movement that rebels against the government national and begins to take control of various regions through violence. Thus, multiple armed confrontations between the army and the guerrillas are unleashed. The rebel group manages to exercise its power in several cities, some of which later lose to the forces that respond to the government. However, he manages to become strong in a locality X, which resists all offensives and from where the advance of the revolution they promote is planned. Given this reality, it can be said that that locality X it’s a “Irreducible bastion” of the guerrilla.

Suppose that, in the midst of the debate on the possibility of legalizing the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, a political party is completely opposed to the initiative: all its referents criticize the idea and they condemn it. That is why journalists maintain that this party is irreducible in his rejection of the project.

In the same way, we can establish that this term is used differently in the field of politics. Thus, for example, in the face of elections, it is considered that there are neighborhoods or cities in a country that are considered to be irreducible bastions of some party because that party always wins by getting the majority of votes.

Likewise, we cannot forget that in the field of cinema there are also productions that use that word in their titles. That would be the case, for example, of the film “Los irreductibles”, which is of French origin and is directed by Bertrand Renaud.

In 2006 it was released that film that brings us closer to the figure of Michel and Gérard, two men who have reached forty who have lost their jobs. Therefore, to find another job and with better conditions, they made the decision to return to the institute to be able to obtain the Baccalaureate degree.