Ionization is a concept that is used in the field of chemistry to name the process and consequences of ionizing. The verb ionize, for its part, refers to the dissociation of a molecule into different ions or to the transformation of a molecule or a atom in an ion.

IonizationIonization, therefore, is a procedure through which ions are generated (An atom or a molecule that has an electric charge from gaining or losing a certain amount of electrons).

The particle that has a greater number of electrons compared to the molecule or the neutral atom is called anion (It has a net negative charge). The particle that, on the other hand, has fewer electrons than the atom or the neutral molecule is called cation (with positive charge).

The chemical ionization it can develop in a number of ways. One of them is the transfer of electrons, as in the case of sodium chloride (chlorine undergoes a reaction with sodium).

The physical ionizationInstead, it consists of isolating the electrons that are part of the neutral molecule by supplying the required energy. The energy supply can be made from ionizing irradiation (with X-rays or ultraviolet light), heating at high temperatures or the application of an electric field.

In addition to all the above we have to add that there is a compound term that also makes use of the concept that we are dealing with now and that is basic in the field of Physics and Chemistry. This is the term “ionization energy”. With it, what is tried is to define or mention the minimum energy that is needed to be able to carry out what is the ionization process of an atom or a molecule.

It is important to underline that this chemical and physical process that we are analyzing in depth is very useful to carry out various actions and in particular two very important ones in terms of international security. Thus, for example, for some time scientists and researchers have been working on the use of ionization to be able to undertake what is explosives detection.

An electro-spray seems to be that it is the fundamental element that is needed to be able to carry out this action through ionization. But it is not only used for that. Thus, as we said before, it is also being used to proceed to detect everything that is prohibited or dangerous substances. Among them would be all kinds of drugs.

The Spanish company SEDET (European Detection Society) is the one that is working more specifically on these initiatives that we have cited in order to protect all citizens from terrorist attacks. Thus, for this reason, it is developing, in addition to the aforementioned research, other projects that have the same objective.

Ionization is present in the operation of fluorescent tubes, in plasma televisions and in the lightning that appears in the middle of a storm. It is also possible sterilize an instrument by means of ionization, which allows to eliminate microorganisms from a certain place thanks to the application of radiation.