InvisibleThe Latin word invisibĭlis derived, in Castilian, in the term invisible. East adjective is used to rate that or that which cannot be seen.

The quality of invisible is called invisibility. This concept refers to the property that leads to a body not to be seen by an observer under normal lighting conditions.

In the strictest sense, the invisible is impossible for a person to see. human being. The oxygen, for example, it is invisible: it can be perceived in various ways, but not through sight.

Invisibility can also be generated artificially or simulated. With lighting techniques you can make an object “Disappear” before the eyes of the persons, beyond the fact that it is still present and its physical characteristics have not been modified.

The camouflage, on the other hand, it helps to make a living being or an object invisible. That is why this resource is used in the field military when you want a soldier or a vehicle to go unnoticed by enemies.

In the field of fiction, many writers imagined what would happen if an individual managed to become invisible. Invisibility is usually associated with a can that would allow a subject to do what he wanted without being discovered and, therefore, without facing the consequences. HG Wells wrote about it in “The invisible man” (or “The Invisible Man”, in its original language).

For the fantasyTherefore, being invisible is the dream of many characters, as it gives them the opportunity to move around the world undetected and fulfill many of their objectives that they could not carry out in a normal state, that is, being detected by others. Whether through an enchantment, a magic potion or even the powers themselves, a fantastic being can become invisible, something that in reality is impossible.

InvisibleOf course, this term has a subjective meaning that we can use to describe the condition of a person in the real world. This is not a change in your matter but rather from a lack of communication with her environment that leads her to “disappear” because those around her are not interested in her, they do not seem to notice her presence or absence.

All that said, while in the fiction almost any character would like to be able to become invisible, this interpretation that we give in reality is absolutely the opposite and no one in their right mind would want it. Being invisible in a figurative sense is similar to not being loved by anyone, not having friends or people who care about you, it is living alone even when surrounded by a crowd. Those who have not suffered this situation can criticize negatively the attitudes of others, as if it were a capricious behavior by rejection of people; however, it is a serious problem that they do not purposely cause.

To become invisible in society, certain conditions must be met, beginning with the personality of the subject. We know that shyness is a serious problem when it comes to relationships, since it causes an emotional blockage that can prevent you from speaking to clearly understanding what they are saying; it is one of the characteristics of the personality that usually leads to a state of “invisibility” in groups. On this basis, the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence can lead us to stay aside in meetings, to the point that others stop noticing our presence.

Invisible, finally, is the name of a group of rock from Argentina that existed between 1973 and 1977. The leader of the band was Luis Alberto Spinetta.