The reports are writings that are developed with the aim of make something known. These documents allow the dissemination of different kinds of data for different purposes or objectives.

Investigation reportInvestigation, meanwhile, is the process and the result of investigating (implement strategies and develop certain actions to increase knowledge about something).

These definitions allow us to understand the concept of investigation report. It’s about a document that spreads the result or conclusions of a research study. The knowledge generated by the researcher through his work is poured into it.

An investigation report must be clear and precise: the investigator must present the information in such a way that the description of your work and your conclusions do not give rise to confusion or misunderstandings. For this you must develop a introduction that explains the methodology used, the objectives of its work and the theoretical framework.

It is important to know other data of interest about the research report, such as that it is essential that it ends having answered the following questions: what was the problem? How was it solved? What did you find? in research? What is the meaning of the results that have been obtained? What are the main results? and what is there to do therefore?

The research report can include data on the observations made, surveys, statistics and interviews, among other elements. The purpose is that the investigation report is constituted as a source valuable and reliable information that can be used by other researchers.

Specifically, we can say that the structure of any investigation report should be the following:
-Context of the investigation, where it will be recorded where the work has been carried out.
-Methodology. Here should be included from the methods and resources used to undertake the collection and processing of data as well as the subjects that have been investigated.
-Questions, which refers to the questions that were used as a fundamental pillar or guide of the work.
-Results. This section is the most important of the investigation, insofar as it is the body of it. This must include everything from the information obtained to the ideas that those who have carried out the work have through the data that exist in this regard in other similar investigations that have been used as a source.
-Conclusions, based on the results obtained and must also include the personal value judgments made by the person who has investigated.
-Bibliography, which must be done in alphabetical order and duly detailed.
-Annexes, which are left to the choice of the researcher as to what information to include in them.

It is important to note that the information included in the investigation report must be true. The researcher cannot falsify the observations that he details or invent data to reinforce his conclusions, but everything expressed must be effectively detached from the job field you did. Otherwise, the investigation report will lose validity.