IntrigueThe notion of intrigue alludes to an act performed with cunning and caution, in such a way that its development or its true intentions are hidden. The concept can also be used in reference to a mystery or yet unsolved dilemma.

For instance: “In the previews of the series, the intrigue that will develop throughout the chapters is raised”, “The appearance of hundreds of dead penguins on the southern beaches is a source of intrigue among scientists”, “The boxer’s statements generated intrigue about his future.

In the field of literature and from cinema, the idea of ​​intrigue refers to set of events that constitute the knot of a work. It is about what arouses interest in the public, causing tension while awaiting its resolution.

Take the case of a film which begins with the discovery of a dead man in his own home. The police arrived at the scene from the complaint of a neighbor, who felt a nauseating smell. Since the door was locked, officers must break it down to enter. Inside the house they do not find anything disturbed or traces of violence. It is soon known that the victim had no partner or family, for which it is unknown who could have the keys to the property. Who killed the guy? That is the film intrigue, which at the fictional level must be solved by the main character (a detective) and which, for the viewer, is a mystery that will keep him in suspense until the end of the story.

IntrigueIntrigue is attractive to us by nature, because it touches us in the depths of our being, in a region where our curiosity, our sense of adventure, a series of very primitive sensations that, no matter how much we try to cover with the customs of modern life, has accompanied us from the origin of our species and can come to light spontaneously, without asking our permission.

Vivir is a verb that can be defined in many ways, but all of them are spun by a need impossible to ignore: solve problems. A trouble It is not something necessarily negative, it is not that a very expensive property has been stolen from us or that we have contracted a serious illness; Any issue that requires an effort on our part to overcome it successfully is a problem, from breathing (which we do naturally unless we have a disorder) to our relationship with the ambient temperature.

That said, we understand that the need to solve problems is intrinsic to our species. For this reason, when we come across an intrigue by chance (or not), it is very difficult to ignore it and move on as if nothing had happened, because something in us will surely push us to try to clarify it. If we take a look at the series and films with the highest audience ratings per year on television and cinema respectively, we will notice that the stories Police are always in the top positions.

Although human beings can be very reluctant to change, intrigue carries with it that promise of clarification at the end, both in fiction and in reality. It is not the same to have to move by force and leave our friends behind than to begin to hear strange noises in the neighbor’s house: the first situation can be very difficult to go through, because we do not know if one day we will adapt; the second, on the other hand, activates in us the need to discover the origin of the noises, trusting that we will make it, even if we don’t.