The idea of intranet It is used in the field of computing to allude to a internal network of an organization. This type of infrastructure is used to share data and resources within a company or an institution.

IntranetTherefore, only the members of the organization in question, who are the only users with access to the information, connect to an intranet. The intranet, in this way, is private and is different from the Internet, a public network.

In general, an intranet consists of the interconnection of several local area networks (LAN) that is developed from the protocol TCP / IP. Thanks to this protocol, users can access the network remotely.

An intranet facilitates teamwork: many workers from the same company can connect to share documents and applications, communicate and distribute publications, for example. It is common for the intranet to be protected by a firewall to avoid intruders.

Many times the intranet is used as a internal communication channel. There, the managers are in a position to report all kinds of issues to the employees and to complete bureaucratic procedures (grant permits, request certificates, etc.).

A companyTo cite one case, you can develop an intranet with basic information for all employees and especially useful data for new employees. When someone connects to this intranet, they find the working hours, the company regulations and the organization chart.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, we cannot ignore the fact that if more and more companies choose to launch an intranet, it is because it offers other benefits such as the following:
-It represents an important time saving, since workers avoid spending a lot of time looking for specific data, documents or information while allowing managers to avoid wasting time having to gather employees to give them specific news.
-In the same way, it is considered that it manages to promote cooperation between the members of the company and also, in its own way, contributes to developing a greater sense of team.
-No less significant is the fact that with an intranet productivity is improved. Yes, because company members do not have to waste time or effort on unnecessary searches for documents or information. With that one they have it at their fingertips at any time and with a simple click.
-In this list of advantages we must add the fact that many companies even make use of this network to carry out training projects for their employees.
-Also, it must be emphasized that having an intranet is considered to improve its image in front of its employees. And it is that they will begin to value positively that the company they work for is concerned about facilitating their tasks and making all the resources they need available to them.

When you want to expand the information beyond your own net, you can use a extranet. In this case, the user must pass an authentication process to access the resources from outside.