Intimate, from Latin intĭmus, is what belongs to or relative to the privacy. This concept refers to the abstract zone that an individual reserves for a limited group of people, as their family and friends. Despite the fact that intimacy has no precise limits, it can be said that there enter all the acts and feelings that you want to keep out of the reach of the public.

IntimateFor example: “I’m not going to talk about something so intimate with a journalist”, “A health problem is an intimate matter that should not be disclosed unless the affected person wants to do so”, “Intimate acts should never transcend”.

Privacy is especially protected nowadays. For this reason, there are various laws that take care of it, as would be the case of the Spanish Constitution. In this Magna Carta, specifically in its article 18, it is said that citizens have the right to honor, privacy and their own image

A close friend is one with whom you maintain a very close relationship, of great confidence. For this reason, certain things are shared with a close friend that are not shared with other friends: “Juan is a close friend, you can tell him your problems that he will keep the secret”, “The truth is that, since I fought with Agustina, I have no close friends to trust”.

In the field of cinema and literature, the word that now occupies us has been used on many occasions to give the title to their respective works. A good example of this is the movie “Intimate and Personal”, which was released in 1996 under the direction of director Jon Avnet.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford are the actors in charge of bringing the protagonists to life: a young woman with the desire to become a professional media and a veteran war reporter. Two characters who will see how their lives intersect in order to live a beautiful love story, which does not have the expected ending.

Likewise, we could also highlight “Leila’s intimate diary”. It is a film that brings us closer to the unbridled and basically sexual passion that is established between the two main figures: Leila and David.

A intimate diary or personal diary It is a kind of autobiography that a person carries out without the intention of sharing it, but as a way to record their feelings and thoughts chronologically: “My daughter got very angry because I read part of her private diary”, “When I was a kid, I kept a personal diary where I wrote about my problems at school”.

In addition to what has already been stated, we would also have to add that intimate is a term that is used in some countries with another meaning. Specifically, in Cuba it is used to refer to the sanitary napkin that women use every month to absorb what would be the menstrual flow during the so-called period.

Intimate, finally, is an adjective that is used in reference to different objects that are used in the sexuality. The intimate lubricant and the intimate massager are two examples.