Determining the etymological origin of the term privacy that concerns us is the first thing we are going to do because, in this way, we can better understand its meaning. Specifically, it must be emphasized that it comes from Latin and more precisely from the adverb intus, which is equivalent to “inside”.

The privacy is the abstract area that a person reserve for a limited group of people, generally their family Y friends. Its limits are not precise and depend on different circumstances.

PrivacyThose acts and feelings that are kept out of the reach of the public are part of the intimacy or privacy of a person. It is important to note that privacy is protected by the law, especially in view of the progress of the government waves Business.

Intimacy can be associated with certain information that you do not want to transcend. For example: “I’m not going to tell you what happened at night because it is part of my privacy”, “The singer demanded that the media not get into her privacy”, “The photos of the Hollywood star with his family are a violation of privacy because the actor was inside his house”.

It is important to know that, for example, in Spain privacy is considered a fundamental right. Thus, it appears included in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, where several important aspects are recorded, such as the following in relation to that:
• That it is guaranteed, unless there is a contrary judicial decision, what is the secrecy of communications (telephone, postal mail, telegraphic…).
• That privacy is an inviolable right and that, as such, it is guaranteed by the legal norm of the State.
• That the existing legislation in the country will take care, among many other things, of limiting the use of computers as necessary so that privacy or even honor cannot be violated.

Public figures are the ones who face the most problems to protect their privacy, since the public wants to know details of their lives. Many celebrities are followed by journalists and photographers who seek to portray private moments such as a dinner or a family outing.

Certain acts, on the other hand, belong to the intimate sphere of each person, whether or not he is famous. That is the case with everything related to sexuality: that is why sexual intercourse is known as intimate relations.

In this sense, it should also be emphasized that, on many occasions, it is established that it is essential for a couple to create an intimate environment where not only to maintain relationships but also where they can be away from any gaze. In this sense, to achieve this you must have dim lighting, lit candles, romantic music in the background, a soft dinner and even a few glasses in which to enjoy wine or champagne. With all this, love and passion will be fostered.

A intimate friendshipFinally, it is a very close fraternal relationship, where friends share everything and keep no secrets: “Rodolfo and Eduardo have been close friends for over two decades”.