Internship is the professional practice that performs a student to put your knowledge and skills into practice. The intern is the apprentice who carries out this practice with the intention of get field experience, while the person in charge of guiding you is usually known as a tutor.

Specifically, we can establish that there are two objectives that are intended to be achieved with the implementation of an internship. On the one hand, the intern student begins to discover the world of work in which he wishes to build a professional career. And, on the other, begin to accumulate experience that will be essential for its development.

Both companies, universities and other types of institutions offer internship processes for students who wish to start having their first professional contacts with the workplace where they will develop their future. Each of these centers establishes its own criteria for accessing such a period.

However, it is usual to establish a process composed of phases such as the presentation of applications, the confirmation of the place, the corresponding authorization, the internship period and the corresponding presentation by the person who performs them of a report where it collects each and every one of the functions and tasks that he has carried out during that one.

One of the most common areas where the figure of the intern exists is in Law. Thus, in this sector it is frequent that there are multiple offices and firms that bet on having a person of this type. In this way, a period will begin in which you will know the profession in depth, for example, going to court, carrying out various forms of writing, serving clients, helping the lawyer in everything that is required for a case …

InternshipThe objective of the internship, therefore, is to provide the intern with work experience and prepare him so that he can develop in the labor field linked to his future profession. The remuneration that the student receives for the internship is nil or scarce, which in many cases is taken advantage of by the Business to hire cheap labor.

The internship involves training of student. When a company hires students for an internship and simply employs them without worrying about training, it is a violation of the spirit of the concept and the labor law. It is important, therefore, to bear in mind that some companies take advantage of this figure to cut their expenses.

The term is often used synonymously with scholar, although they do not refer to exactly the same thing. The intern is the student hired by a company or organization to provide you with financial aid that should be used to pay for your studies.

For instance: “My brother is about to graduate as an engineer and has just got an internship to work for six months in a multinational company”, “Between the internship and the final exams, I don’t have time to rest or go out”, “When I did the internship, they made me work like a slave and they didn’t even pay me per diem”.